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by Administrator 22. February 2010 08:53

Bingo is one of the oldest and the most relished social games of all times. Besides the monetary benefits, its social advantages are its major boon. This game of luck, chance and agility when played in social groups or gatherings, proves to be a major mind relaxant and entertainer. This is why bingo played socially is given preference over bingo played in online portals because it lacks the social aspects of competition, group fun, making new friends and staying young mentally. Here is an elaboration :

  • Group interaction: Bingo nights or bingo meets come across as a formidable excuse for regular group interactions. This game then becomes a way of socializing in large groups of people. One gets to meet this circle of bingo players who after regular meetings, turn from strangers to acquaintances and eventually to friends. Above the advantages of playing the game alone, the formation of a regular social circle is an added boon.
  • Competition: Playing Bingo in social groups over online bingo played alone, keeps alive in the individual a healthy spirit of competition which comes from trying to succeed in the game over the other players present in the hall. This added spirit of competition further doubles the fun of the game.
  • Keeps you young at heart: Regular social group interactions succeed in preventing an individual from mentally ageing by keeping them young at heart. Whiling away your time with growing age only needs to ageing of the mind and heart along with the body and making the person a social recluse.
  • Maintains mental agility: The procedure of the game requires agility and alertness of the mind; to quickly strike off all the numbers called out, keep a track and call out ‘bingo’ immediately upon striking off a pattern and not making a fake call or ‘bogey’.
  • Sportsman spirit: The playing of the game socially also embeds in an individual a strong spirit of sportsman spirit. Putting in one’s best effort and rejoicing in the victory of a fellow player despite having lost a game; all foster this healthy spirit.
  • After game gatherings: Bingo friends, making way to the bar or restaurant after a healthy game of bingo is a common sight these days. Meetings and family gatherings, apart from on bingo nights do not come as a surprise either.
  • Social causes: Charity Bingo games generates funds for various social causes. Poor and needy gets benefit from contribution generated through Bingo games for various social causes.

Visit our Bingo Halls in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown, and Bryan in Texas.

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What is Electronic Bingo & How To Play it

by Administrator 15. February 2010 06:08

Electronic Bingo basically refers to playing bingo on computer/ electronic devices, in order to remove human errors of manually handling more than one card simultaneously and increasing the efficiency of the player. Since Bingo is a popular and well-known game, there is a need for easier devices and methods which provide the player with a multiplicity in the chances to win. The greatest advantage of electronic bingo is that it removes the chances of missing a bingo, irrespective of the number of cards being played. It also saves one from the embarrassment of a fake call or a “bogey”. One is just supposed to sit, hear the caller call out different numbers,  which will be highlighted on the player’s screen and punch the corresponding keys on their respective machines and shout out ‘bingo’ when he/she manages to strike off any pre decided number pattern. You can play electronic bingo at state-of-the-art "Texas Charity Bingo" halls located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Bryan and Georgetown.

There are two possible ways of playing electronic bingo i.e. by making use of either hand held bingo devices or video bingo machines.

Hand held bingo devices: Computers are revolutionising all aspects of human life, including bingo. More and more bingo players these days are opting for portable and hand held, easy to use bingo devices which allow the players to play multiple cards/tickets at the same time with a minimum of human effort and zero errors. With the catching of the upcoming trend, nearly 50 percent of the players in most bingo halls are opting for these devices over the traditional manual method. The greatest advantage of these devices is their ‘tracking mechanism’, making use of which even the new and inexperienced players stand as good a chance at winning as the experienced players. A major added benefit is that players with physical disabilities can enjoy the game which was not possible with the manual method. Though, the regulation of playing cards allowed per player is decided by each hall individually, but many of these devices have the efficiency to play up to even 200 cards a day.

Video bingo machines: Another latest and upcoming hi-tech technique of playing bingo is by making use of the video bingo machines, which closely resemble video slot machines. One video bingo game costs ranging from one quarter to a dollar. The general payout of a bingo machine varies from eighty to ninety percent in terms of winning. In order to claim his/her winnings, the player is supposed to push the “cash out” button available on the screen. This will provide him/her with a cash ticket which can be swapped for money by the player at the end of the game.

Electronic bingo is fun, comparatively easier, more efficient and a technical way of playing the game as compared to the traditional methods of manually playing. You can play both manual and electronic bingo at Texas Charity Bingo Halls located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Bryan and Georgetown in Texas.

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Rules And Smart Tips For Playing Bingo

by Administrator 7. February 2010 12:50

Bingo is a game of sheer luck and chance, played world wide. Though bingo became popular in the United States early in the twentieth century, but its roots stretch back to the year 1530. No two bingo halls have the same rules, but there is a similar pattern which is common to most of them. These few rules should be kept in mind before one proceeds for the game.


  • In most halls, players must be minimum 18 years of age.
  • A player is required to buy at least one ticket. The player can play with as many tickets as he/she likes. But the point to be noted is that, each ticket is an individual game and must not be combined with any other ticket.
  • The 75 ball ticket is divided into a grid of 5 x 5 and has numbers printed in random on the ticket.  For a 90 ball bingo, the ticket has a 3 X 3 grid with a few spaces left blank while others have random numbers in them.
  • There are 90 (or 75) balls with a number printed on each of them. Balls are then spun and a particular ball is randomly picked. The number on this ball is called out by an announcer.
  • If the player has the number on their ticket then he/she is required to strike it off, and this procedure is followed till the pre decided pattern is struck out by one of the players.
  • The player must call out bingo as soon as he/she manages to strike off the pattern, immediately before the next number is called out. Else the game moves on till another correct bingo call is made
  • On making a fake or a “bogey” call, the player is required to forfeit his/her ticket, while the game moves on till an actual call is made.
  • The above being the official rules of the game, there are also some unwritten tips and tricks for the game which are worth being paid heed to.


  • If you trust your lady luck, then do keep a watch out for lucky seats. Who knows, you might just win a jack pot !
  • Never try to fondle with the numbers on the ticket. It is no good !
  • Think twice before you call out “bingo”. You do not want a bogey. But do not think for so long that the next number is called out and your lady luck waves you goodbye !
  • Try sitting as close to the caller as possible. You might just sneak a peak at the next ball to be called out. The faster you gain the information, the better !

Having come to terms with all the rules, regulations, tips and tricks of the game ; your only chore is to find your nearest Bingo hall and challenge your lady luck. Go, BINGO !!

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by Administrator 1. February 2010 11:44

Bingo is one of the most popular social games in US.  Though Bingo’s origin is tracked back to year 1530, as a part of a state run lottery "Lo Gioco del Lotto d'Italia" in Italy, it is one of the most favorite social games played across US. In US, the current form of Bingo was popularized by Edwin S Lowe, a toy salesman from New York. Across United States, 48 states offer legal Bingo and the game is organized for fun and fund raising activities by various non-profit organizations, churches and groups. Bingo still remains the favorite pass time for people from all walks of life.

A typical bingo card, weather online or paper card consists of rows and columns. There is a column below each alphabet of the word BINGO. As the game starts, caller calls up for different numbers and players mark out the numbers that are called with help of a marker. Once a player gets the winning pattern, he shouts out BINGO (for the caller to hear it). After verification of numbers marked, as decided by the organizers, the winner gets his prize. Generally horizontal, vertical or diagonal combinations are the winning sets. A player must shout BINGO immediately as he/ she achieves the winning combination. However, if the next number is called out without the player announcing BINGO, the game proceeds without any prize for the winner.

Bingo is a fun activity and can be played the whole day. Drop in to Texas Charity Bingo Halls in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Bryan and Georgetown, Texas and have fun playing electronic BINGO.

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