Important Advice For Winning Bingo Games

by Administrator 29. November 2010 17:16

Bingo is largely said to be a game of chance where strategy tends to play a very insignificant role. However, we still find that certain people turn out to be better at Bingo than others and tend to win relatively more than others may do. In such a case, although luck plays a role, there are certain other factors too that contribute to frequent wins. The following tips and tricks can help you increase your chances of winning at Bingo:

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that you must make it a point to choose Bingo halls that have a comparatively low level of turnout of players. It is an undisputed fact that a hall where there are fewer number of players increases your chances of winning as there are fewer number of people to contend with. So, you should choose days when there is a lesser amount of crowd of Bingo players at your chosen hall.

It is also important that you choose your Bingo hall with a little caution. You should not be lured by the low price of Bingo tickets and should go in for reputed bingo halls like Texas Charity Bingo that have a fair system. It is wise to conduct a little research in order to be sure that the hall you are playing at is not defrauding its players in any way by favoring pre fixed winners thus not giving honest players a fair chance.

You should try to take the maximum number of tickets that you can handle while playing bingo as doing so increases your chances of winning considerably. However, you should not take such a large amount of tickets that it becomes difficult to keep track of the numbers being called. You are more likely to miss in such a case and lose out on prizes.

You should remain alert and cautious when listening to the numbers being called to ensure that you have not missed out on any. Getting rid of distractions like your mobile phone or chattering friends is sure to increase your chances of registering a win.

To enjoy real fun of Bingo games, visit us at Texas Charity Bingo halls located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown and Bryan in Central Texas. We have facilities for both, electronic bingo (played on computers) and traditional (played with paper and marker) bingo.  

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Charity Bingo Games Organized In Texas Bingo Halls

by Administrator 22. November 2010 16:43

Bingo is a popular pass time for many people who wish to indulge in a simple, fun activity that helps them remain socially active at the same time. Bingo is a game of chance that equally appeals to people of all ages and coming from all kinds of backgrounds. Families and friends who wish to bond over this fun game can do so by heading to any nearby Texas Bingo Hall.

The best thing about Bingo is that unlike many other games of chance, it does not really require a player to be familiar with complicated rules and techniques of playing. All one has to do is remain alert while playing and not miss out on any of the numbers that are called. This is what gives Bingo the mass appeal that it currently enjoys.

The state of Texas requires all bingo halls to put aside at least thirty five percent of their earnings for charitable purposes. The charity organizations to which the money is supposed to go to must be recognized under government laws and fulfill all criteria. This is a mandatory condition and bingo halls that flout this rule are liable to be closed down. So, you are not only assured of an evening of fun and frivolity but also find yourself participating in a noble cause simply by playing Bingo.

Heading to a Bingo Hall and playing this game not only helps to keep away boredom but also becomes a great way to ward off depression especially among the elderly who may find themselves lacking a social life at this advanced age. Everyone ranging from little kids to elders can take part in Bingo because one does not really require immense mental or intellectual capabilities to be able to play. Professionals who work round the clock can beat off the stress and return relaxed and rejuvenated after a thoroughly enjoyable Bingo session. A number of people playing together in a Bingo hall also helps strengthen a community by becoming a common ground for everyone to meet up and socialize.

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Keep Your Mind Alert While Playing Bingo

by Administrator 14. November 2010 20:55

Bingo is one of the most popular games now days. In order to win a bingo game you need to strategize your playing methods. You have great chances of winning bingo game when you are mentally alert and ready to mark the numbers quickly. A single missed number can make you lose the complete game. It is good to be smart and alert to win the game. Here are few tips to keep your mind sharp and win the game of Bingo.

  • Be quick when you listen up the number. Quickly browse through the numbers on the card. You can do so by just looking at the right hand side number of a particular column quickly and just give a glance to the one on the left hand side. Once you find it, just mark it and wait for the next one.
  • Stay aware of the pattern. While marking numbers, do stay alert about the pattern. It could be possible that you may miss the pattern in hurry to mark the numbers or due to too much use of dauber/marker on the bingo card. Always stay attentive towards the forming pattern. As soon as you finish up the pattern, just call for BINGO!
  • Do take on few practice games. If you are a new player, it is advised to take on few practice games to get in groove. Once you are comfortable with the environment of bingo hall and rules of bingo, you can play bingo games with multiple cards.
  • Stay focused. While playing bingo game it is very important that you stay focused on the caller’s call. A single miss can zero your chances to win the game.
  • Seating. Always choose a seat near to the caller or where calls are clearly audible. Sitting too far can make you grab wrong calls and you may end up as Bogey!

Enjoy the best of Bingo games at Texas Charity Bingo Halls. We are located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown and Bryan in Central Texas area.

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Which One Is better - Bingo Hall Or Online Bingo?

by Administrator 7. November 2010 14:07

The antiquated game of bingo has certainly engaged a colossal part of the money oriented mob, thereby earning immense reputation for over 300 years. Almost every individual has been associated with bingo at-least once in their life’s journey. The game grew tremendously as it became one of the favorite past times for individuals. Eventually, large bingo halls were created to host all such obsessed masses with an objective to cater to the desires of every active participants. Bingo Halls became one of the most sought after places for regular as well as charity bingo games.

In last decade, the rapid advancements in field of technology initiated many online portals specific for online bingo games. It gave an option to bingo lovers to enjoy the game right from their work place or their homes. Though online bingo gaming made it easy for bingo players to play the game, it came as no match to the fun and excitement in the bingo halls. The ambience, the environment and thrill of Bingo hall cannot be replicated in online bingo games. A person stays aloof and could not interact face to face like in bingo halls. One of the major advantages of Bingo halls is that various players interact with each other. They become friends and can be seen planning events other than just bingo games together.

While online bingo is dependent on a lot of technical infrastructure, bingo game played in halls just need you to stay alert and win the game of luck. It is always fun to feel the real thrill of bingo games which cannot be felt in an online game.

We at Texas Charity Bingo halls organize a lot of bingo variations and charity bingo games. Certain proceeds from the games go towards various charitable causes. To know more about various bingo events being organized by us, visit or call us at 254-634-2143

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