Bingo and Its Therapeutic Value

by Administrator 26. February 2011 08:02

Bingo is a game that not only provides the players with entertainment but it also assists them to achieve healthiness. According to a research carried out by Institute for Social Research in Central Texas, the consistent participants of Bingo generally have a good mental health. Bingo facilitates in creating the mind sharp that proves to be beneficial particularly for the older people that constitute a high percentage of Bingo players. In the research, people were screened on their mental agility and it was indicated clearly that the steady players were more speedy and accurate than the non-players. It was also demonstrated that the older people who were the consistent players turned out to be better in the test than the younger participants. There are numerous ways in which Bingo facilitates in improving the health of its players:

Increments the Brain fitness:
Bingo is beneficial for one's brain and according to that research, the bingo players have superior mental skills, better memory and mental capacity than the non-players as playing Bingo permits the players to flex their concentration muscles along with exciting their hand-eye coordination. The participants playing the strategy games like chess or checkers are mostly the intellectual people who make use of the antecedently stored info in their mind but in case of Bingo, the participants employ the straightforward skills and vigilance that assists in hiking their brain functions. So, playing Bingo cannot make the players intellectual but it will help in boosting the brain functions.

Healthiness with Laughter:
The Bingo halls extend a platform to the players for socializing. Older people constitute the maximum percent of the Bingo players. The assemblage in Bingo halls not only provides the players a place to play but bulk of the Bingo halls are full of fun and enjoyment for the participants. Laughter and delectation is invariably beneficial for the condition of older people as well as for the guys of any age.

Functions as a purpose:
Playing Bingo functions as a purpose of being glad and it extends fulfillment to the older people. By and large the older people get into depression or fall ill as they simply do not have any determination to be happy or relish their lives. Playing Bingo helps as a stress buster and assists in enhancing the immune system too.

So, what are you waiting for? Head forward and play your favorite Bingo game with Texas Charity Bingo. We are situated at Killeen, Copperas Cove, Bryan and Georgetown. You can contact us at our all day Bingo Hotline: (254) 634-2143.

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Make New Friends At Bingo Halls

by Administrator 22. February 2011 15:09

Bingo Halls are possibly the best bet if you wish to make new friends and increase your social circle. Those frequenting Bingo Halls can have a scintillating and satisfying social life as they meet and interact with interesting people of all ages on their regular Bingo outings. One can have great conversations even with strangers when participating in Bingo games. You get to meet people from all walks of life as they get together at one place on a periodic basis to blow off some steam and try their luck at this game of chance.

Bingo halls can either be standalone ones meant for organizing Bingo games alone or may be offshoots of other larger clubs offering Bingo games as one of the many activities. In large clubs, there are hundreds of people who may gather on weekends with a view to generally have fun and in the process, form new friendships. Organizations or companies that organize such events encourage members to interact with one another so that the whole experience is a formidable one that people keep coming back to.

You cannot only share each other’s wins but have great fun in the process as even if you end up losing, you may enjoy cheering on other people around you that you may have just met. Sometimes, you may even be able to form friendships that may last for the rest of your lifetime. Because of the personal touch, offline Bingo halls are much more attractive than online websites that offer this game.

Some of the tips that can help you make new friends when you head to your nearest Bingo hall are specified below:

1)    You should smile at everyone that you come across, especially those who are seated at adjacent tables. This encourages other people to approach you and start a conversation.

2)    You should not always wait for others to approach you but should also consider taking an initiative on your own sometimes. It is generally much easier to make small talk with strangers.

3)    You will be perceived as a warm person and attract new friendships if you not only showcase joy on your wins but also cheer for others who may be registering wins around your table.

Don’t waste a single moment and contact Texas Charity Bingo on All Day Bingo Hotline (254)634-2143

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Valentine Bingo Games At Texas Bingo Halls

by Administrator 14. February 2011 09:35

Texas abounds in Bingo halls where the citizens head for a night of fun and revelry. On special occasions and festivals, most Bingo halls are decked up accordingly and offer the required ambience keeping in mind the significance of the day. Valentine’s Day is one such day when all major Bingo halls are done up in red and other colors that are said to denote love and romance. Many organizations host Bingo games that are in some way related to this popular festival.

Bingo halls are adorned with beautiful flowers usually roses and red balloons along with other decorations that help participants to get in the mood to celebrate the event. Couples are invited to take part in bingo games together and tickets are given out to them at subsidized rates. Many Bingo nights on this day also tend to be a couples only affair sometimes. Apart from the usual Bingo rounds, there are also other secondary events like ball room dancing and special prizes offered to best dressed couples. There may also be certain games like compatibility tests, etc. designed to test the strength of your relationship. Such events make Bingo nights fun and attract a lot of young crowd who come out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Another way that Bingo halls can choose to mark Valentine’s Day is by organizing events in which only singles are invited and then paired up to play together. This can be quite a fun event for those who may be on the lookout for dates on this special day. It may also sometimes help you meet your soul mate. Apart from this, there may also be other games organized that couples can play and enjoy together. The food choices are also in keeping with the general mood of the day.

The prizes are a special attractive feature that can attract couples to visit Bingo halls on Valentine’s Day. There can be exciting prizes like travel packages to offbeat and romantic destinations for couples who win a Bingo round. This can act as an extra incentive for participants to try their luck at local Bingo halls.

For more information on Valentine Special Bingo games organized at Texas Charity Bingo Halls, call us at 254-634-2143. We are located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown and Bryan in Central Texas area.

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Texas Bingo Games For Charity

by Administrator 7. February 2011 11:53

Texas is a state that has amazing Bingo halls that attract people from all ages from far and wide. The Bingo culture in different cities of Texas is quite attractive and has become a way of life for the people residing here. There are many different types of Bingo games that are held in the Bingo halls here. Apart from the conventional Bingo nights that many companies and organisations organise, there are charity Bingo games too that find a place in these halls. Some of the different types of charity Bingo nights that take place in Texas are:

  • Private companies that wish to promote themselves and build some goodwill organize frequent charity Bingo games to promote their brand. All the money that is received as receipts goes to a few selected charities. Some companies may also offer the players to choose which charity they wish to donate to through their Bingo tickets. This is a very good option for those who wish to make a donation as they also have the option to do it while enjoying a night of fun in the company of friends and family.
  • Charity Bingo games help highlight the importance of philanthropy and charity in a society that is fast becoming more and more materialistic. These games turn an evening gaming activity into a much more meaningful and purposeful exercise. Children and teenagers who visit such events in order to socialize are also instilled with the message of making frequent donations to charities. Thus charity Bingo nights do their bit in making the society a slightly better place to live in.
  • Charity Bingo games are very beneficial to those classes of the society who are not able to afford basic things like food, clothing and shelter. Apart from donating the cash received from the sale of tickets, charity Bingo nights may also sometimes consist of different counters that accept useful items like food, clothing and blankets that may prove to be very useful to those in need for these. People who are otherwise not able to afford to purchase Bingo tickets and play can also head to such nights and obtain a chance to play for free or reduced rates.

For more information on various charity games organized at Texas Charity Bingo Halls, call us at 254-634-2143. We are located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown and Bryan in Central Texas area.

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