Charity Bingo Halls: Contributing Towards A Good Cause

by Administrator 27. August 2012 08:04

Since the 16th century, bingo has been around in most of the households as a favorite entertainer. With time, it progressed to churches and community halls where the elderly would gather with their friends and have fun over a game. As time passed, it became even bigger and today, we can see full-fledged bingo halls springing in almost all major cities. The demand for the game is increasing with each passing day as people are growing fonder of its entertainment quotient and loving it as a pass time.

Bingo has always had one characteristic and that has been able to bring people together with the sole aim of having fun. First, it brought family members together to spend some quality time with each other. Thereafter, it brought those in their waning years together to enjoy some moments of laughter and chitchat. Now, it has brought the whole world together under one roof where there is no discrimination as to color, caste, age, status, nationality, etc. Its latest offering is to those who are outside such halls and are not privileged enough to enjoy a life full of facilities and comfort. Bingo has spread its kind hands to the less privileged in the form of charity bingo.

The concept of charity bingo makes the game all the more beautiful and special as one can now indulge in fun and at the same time contribute towards the welfare of our fellow brethren who need help. In fact, it is a very healthy way of offering help, as it does not deprive you of anything at the cost of the kind gesture you are forwarding. Charity bingo halls are one of the most entertaining bingo halls as they have a variety of entertainment activities in addition to bingo. They consist of cafes, food spots, coffee bars, no smoking zones for children, amusement corners for kids, etc.

To contribute, all you have to do is purchase charity tickets and proceed with having fun with friends and family over a game of bingo. The proceeds from the sale of the charity tickets directly go to charitable institutions with which the bingo hall has tie-ups. These institutions are genuine and that is what makes charity bingo one of the most authentic ways of contributing towards the needy. If you really wish to make a difference in someone’s life, visiting a charity bingo hall could be the first step towards fulfilling your desire and bringing a smile on so many faces.

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Bingo Halls For Kids

by Administrator 20. August 2012 08:11

The first thing that comes to the mind on talking about about a bingo hall is a place full of elderly folks having fun over a game of bingo with their age mates. However, the present day scenario in such halls is a sharp contrast to what it was a few years back as one can spot people of all ages, colors and nationalities bonding with each other while enjoying a game. Bingo seems to have cast its spell on all including young children who can be seen coming along with their parents on weekends and on holidays.

The atmosphere in bingo halls is very conducive for children as opposed to what it was in the yester years. There are special no-smoking zones and exclusive arrangements for children to have fun such as entertainment corners, eateries, video game zones, etc. Parents need not worry about leaving their kids alone at home when they are off to a bingo hall as their children are sure to have loads of fun as well.

Taking children along to bingo halls is becoming a popular trend due to the following reasons:

  • Children who visit bingo halls on a regular basis exhibit better social behavior as they get to interact with all types of people from different age groups. Such diverse exposure is difficult to find otherwise, which makes a bingo hall is the perfect place for improving your child’s social skills.
  • Parents who bring along their children to bingo halls appreciate that their kids can have all the fun they want to have with other kids right under their noses. It is also a great bonding time for the parents and children who play as a team anticipating their victory. In today’s fast paced times, it is very difficult for parents and children to enjoy some exclusive time together but bingo halls make it possible.
  • Kids who frequent bingo halls have a better understanding of mathematical concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and counting. They can incorporate the concept of bingo to any other subjects like Science, English, etc and make learning a lot more fun than it is.
  • Finally, the best part of all for kids are gifts for children such as books, chocolate boxes, toy hampers, board games, and much more. Such tokens of appreciation for the participation of a child boost his self-confidence and encourage him to be a go-getter.

To play the game of bingo, visit us at Texas Charity Bingo Halls. We are located at Killeen, Copperas, Georgetown and Bryan in Central Texas. You can also call us at (254) 634-2143.

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Charity Bingo Halls In Texas

by Administrator 13. August 2012 07:21

Charitable bingo has transformed the game into an altruistic activity that people from different backgrounds indulge in. Most of the bingo halls in Texas are incorporating more and more charitable bingo games as the demand for them is on the rise. People find it as an opportunity to have fun and at the same time do some good for the less privileged. Charitable bingo halls are an authentic place that you can trust with your money as they have links with charitable organizations that use the money gathered strictly for helping the needy.

Bingo halls are a favorite pastime for both young and old, and this is what has brought about the advent of charitable bingo. The popularity of the game has made it possible to reach out to people for contributing towards a good cause and many players think it is a great idea. Charity bingo halls are equipped with many other forms of entertainment such as coffee bars, casinos, snack bars, etc. There are plenty of fast food options such as burgers, pizzas, hotdogs, etc and some bingo halls even donate the money from purchases of eatables to charity organizations.

Another way of contributing towards these halls is by volunteering to do some important activities like distributing the bingo cards to the players, calling numbers and making important arrangements of foods and drinks. Such gestures can be of immense help to the organizations, as most of them do not employ full time workers for these jobs.

Bingo halls cater to the needs of every type of player be the elderly, college goers, women or children. There are tons of exciting prizes in charitable bingo halls ranging from electronics, latest gadgets and holiday packages to brand new cars. These bingo halls differ from traditional bingo halls in terms of bigger jackpots, beautiful surroundings, and electronic gadgets.

Bingo halls have been known for their positive effect on the socially isolated, especially the elderly who get to meet new people and socialize. Research also shows that after playing the game, the players exhibited signs of agility, mental alertness and a sense of well being. Now charitable bingo halls have spread the benefits beyond the immediate players to the needy parts of the society.

We at Texas Charity Bingo Halls are one of the most renowned names to offer a range of exciting bingo games. To play and win amazing prizes, visit our bingo halls in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown and Bryan in Central Texas.

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Have More Fun With Bingo Hall Games

by Administrator 6. August 2012 09:33

The origin of Bingo can be traced back to the 16th century in Italy. It started out as a humble family game that became a favorite pastime for many families in the years that followed. It later progressed to churches and community halls where the elderly went to while away their time with friends. Today, there is a bingo hall within everyone’s approach and is no longer meant just for the elderly. Youngsters, women and even children come within its ambit.

Playing bingo has always been a source of fun for the players. The fun has increased even more with the advent of high-end bingo halls. These halls are no longer limited to bingo but even include other forms of entertainment such as casinos, coffee bars, food outlets, kid’s corners and much more. It has become a place where you can take your whole family along irrespective of the age differences. Many find bingo halls a relief from technology as they get to enjoy in a raw form and indulge in meaningful conversations with each other.

Bingo halls are a blessing for the elderly as they get a break from their mundane lifestyles and socialize with people of all age groups, castes and nationalities. It keeps them mentally alert and instills an overall feeling of well being in them. Youngsters can be seen yelling and screaming over their victory and betting on games. Most of them come to win the exciting prizes offered. The prizes could be anything from an exotic vacation, the latest electronic gadgets and top restaurant passes to a handsome amount of cash.  Women and children love interacting and making new friends in bingo halls. Families love coming over on weekends to unwind from their stressful routines and let their nerves loose.

Technology has even revolutionized bingo and one can play it even at one’s own home. However, nothing compares to the thrill and excitement that you get to experience with a bunch of other strangers and friends. The sense of competition, the whirlpool of emotions and the feeling of being declared a winner pay off for the time and money spent to get to the bingo hall. Such moments put together become memories you would love to look back at and smile. So, the next time you have some spare moments, relive your childhood at your nearest bingo hall.

To play the amazing game of bingo in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown and Bryan, visit us at Texas Charity Bingo Halls. For any query, you can call us at our all day Bingo hotline number (254) 634-2143.

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