Brain Development Games For Kids

by Administrator 25. February 2013 09:14

Children learn and grasp things quickly as the brain is much more receptive during the growing years than it is in the older age. Therefore, it is all the more imperative to engage your child in puzzles as well as other brain development games that will help in the development of his overall personality. Following are some ideas for such games:

  1. Bingo is one game that is not a domain of only adults now. Children can really learn a lot through a bingo game while enjoying and having fun. The kids can increase their knowledge about various shapes, numbers as well as alphabets with the use of bingo cards.
  2. Music is a very important aspect of brain development as it inculcates a sense of rhythm in children. They also learn to differentiate between sounds which are necessary for enhancing the vocabulary. Always try to play songs for your children and it is even better if you can sing it for them. They will be able to have a sharper memory and learn concepts (such as numbers, alphabets, days of the week etc.) very well with the use of music.
  3. Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to develop problem-solving skills in a child. Give very simple and easy-to-solve puzzles to your child if he is very small. Giving too difficult puzzles can make your child lose interest and also his confidence. As he grows up, you can gradually ask him to solve more difficult puzzles.
  4. Always read out aloud to your kids so that they develop the habit of reading right from a very young age. Use books with illustrations to arouse a child’s interest in reading. You can also make alphabet charts and put up in his room or even make small motes or attractive collages so that your children learn to recognize alphabets.
  5. As a parent or an adult, you must participate in playing with the kids. This is very important for the brain development of a child. Pretend different things and arouse his inquisitiveness while playing. Make him a doctor, driver, gardener or anyone else and ask him what he is doing, how he is doing to increase his knowledge. This way you will be adding a lot of creative thinking in your child apart from increasing his vocabulary.

The brain of a child is very impressionable and whatever you will teach him at a young age will remain with him throughout his life. Therefore, it is important to give the right direction so that the brain develops properly and games are a fun way to do that for sure!

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Bingo: A Brain-Booster?

by Administrator 11. February 2013 13:23

Bingo is a much-loved game for people who enjoy playing it. This game is full of excitement and nothing feels better than winning the bingo jackpot. While most of the people are of the opinion that this game is nothing but a way to pass leisure time, they do not realize the actual worth of bingo.

Recent studies conducted by the Psychology department of Southampton University have shown that playing bingo often can in fact improve the functioning of the brain. The ability of the brain to concentrate and memorize things improves by playing bingo. It also increases the ability of our reflexes to act in quick time. The speed and accuracy of bingo players is far more in people who play bingo than in those who do not play the game.

Bingo stimulates the mind and therefore it helps improve the agility of the brain to perform its functions. This is especially beneficial in the case of elderly people who have age-related memory loss and reduced concentration levels. Mental abilities deteriorate because of the increasing age. But all these symptoms can be addressed in time if the brain is stimulated and exercised on a regular basis. Bingo is one of the most effective ways to keep the brain alight apart from adding the fun quotient. People who indulge in playing bingo not only have a great time but also get to boost their concentration power. People don’t remain confined to their homes in front of the television sets. They go out to play bingo in bingo halls.

Not only the real-life bingo halls, but the online ones are equally helpful in boosting brain power. The reflex and concentration points of the brain get activated while playing bingo games. The interactive nature of bingo also helps people become more social. People make great friends with each other while having a conversation with fellow bingo mates over the bingo tables.

The positive results of many studies reveal the beneficial effects of playing bingo. They have now got another reason to indulge in the excitement of bingo games. The grey cells have to be exercised to improve mental agility and one of the easiest ways to do this is to play bingo. So apart from playing mind games like sudoku, chess and scrabble, why don’t you try bingo as well?

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