Bingo Hall Popularity In US

by Administrator 16. October 2013 10:25

The craze for bingo halls is on a steep rise among the American population these days. This is the place where you come and enjoy a lively evening with family and friends; the icing on the cake is lucrative jackpots that the game offers. Head to any bingo hall in Killeen TX, and you will find an amazing ambience wherein people from diverse backgrounds come and enjoy the game.

The objective of playing the game is to come up with a predefined pattern of numbers that are printed on cards, or stored electronically on big consoles with attractive visual graphics. Players draw numbers randomly and try to match them up with the given pattern.

The one who does this the quickest is declared the winner of the jackpot. This is just the basic version of the game that enjoys tremendous popularity among both the young and the old. In the modern day, bingo is played with many exciting variations.

The culture of bingo in Texas has evolved over a period of time. Starting out in Italy way back in the 1500s, the game has undergone tremendous changes in the way it is played. Majority of the bingo halls in US today have electronic number generators that are visually appealing to the eye. You can also bond with family and friends big time when out there to play the game.

Many bingo halls today associate themselves with notable charities and social causes, and contribute a fixed proportion of proceeds from ticket sales to various organisations that work for the betterment of society. So, you not only play the game, but also give back something to the people who need it the most.

One of the other reasons why bingo is so popular is the fact that it helps in improving the mental prowess of a person. The game involves logic and requires an individual to think with an analytical bent of mind. Then of course, the time spent in a bingo hall also provides considerable scope for social bonding and networking.

The game is being played online as well today. But the online version is still to catch up with the experience of playing in a bingo hall. This is mainly due to the fact that as a social being, man loves to be with people. So one would prefer going to a bingo hall over playing the game on a computer screen sitting within the confines of his or her room.

So head to a bingo hall near you and have fun!

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Guide To Different Patterns In Bingo

by Administrator 4. October 2013 06:49

Although bingo is a well known and pretty easy game, it can be a little challenging if you are new to it.  As a novice player, you would probably want to know more about its different patterns and variations in each pattern.

Bingo halls in Texas continue to provide a variety of patterns to keep the players entertained to the highest degree. Fortunately, the bingo patterns are similar enough and will not require much of your time to understand the slight difference they have.

What exactly bingo patterns are?

Patterns are basically the illustrations of squares with numbers which are formed when a bingo card is drawn out. Basic idea behind these patterns is that players need to keep track of these numbers in order to win bingo. While some bingo patterns are simple, others have quite complex layout making it challenging for the player to win the game. Regardless of the layout, each pattern consists of a middle block which is also considered as a bonus number.

Some popular bingo patterns you will come across at any bingo hall in Texas are:

  • Standard Bingo patterns: Commonly known as static bingo patterns, these are the easiest of all the patterns. In order to win, player needs to cover all the squares in the ticket quickly as well as correctly without shifting the patterns. Some of the most commonly preferred standard bingo patterns are postage, stamps, inside and outside diamonds, etc. These patterns require the players to strike off maximum of only five numbers to get a win.
  • Crazy Bingo patterns: The odds of winning are slightly higher in these bingo patterns as players have the advantage of rotating the pattern through the increments of 90 degrees (90, 180 and 270). While marking a number in crazy pattern bingo games, players need to make sure that it helps them further in forming the desired bingo pattern.
  • Wild Bingo patterns: Like standard bingo patterns, these patterns are also static but can be anywhere on the card. These patterns are a common pick among experienced players.  Broken Frame, Bugs and Explosion are three popular Wild bingo cards.
  • Blackout Bingo pattern: These patterns are arguably the most enjoyable bingo patterns. All 24 squares on the card are to be marked in order to win the game. The player who covers all the squares first is the winner.

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