Bingo: Keeping Your Brain In Good Shape

by Administrator 19. May 2014 12:47

Bingo is a great game to play for people of all ages as it is simple to learn, fun to execute and provides players with the much needed relaxation. Playing bingo is also a great social exercise as you get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life, and form new and interesting bonds. Along with these obvious benefits of playing bingo, studies have revealed that bingo has significant health benefits as well. People who play bingo regularly have been found to possess sound mental health and an active brain, even in an advanced age. These health benefits have thrown a new light on the positives of bingo and are sure to draw even greater crowds to bingo halls in future.

The Benefits of Bingo

Over the years, more and more people have been drawn to this great fun game regardless of their age. Since the 1990s younger people have started gaining interest in the game and have thronged Bingo halls for deriving great joy and satisfaction from the game. Recently conducted research has unearthed staggering facts like bingo players display better speed of reaction to stimulus, have markedly improved hand-eye coordination and are generally more brain active than those who do not play bingo. This remarkable discovery has been attributed to the following reasons -

  • During a game of bingo, numbers are called out rapidly and require flexibility of memory and instantaneous reaction to mark them down correctly. This is further helped by the fact that players usually increase the number of cards at hand as they get better at the game, thereby greatly increasing difficulty levels and allowing more and more intense exercises of the brain.
  • While a number of other games rely on premeditated responses to specific stimuli, bingo players have the requirement to think and process the information they get before making a move. There is less scope for the formation of patterns and more scope for actual thinking and processing.
  • Bingo is also a largely social phenomenon, with players interacting freely with each other. This social aspect contributes greatly towards keeping the mind fresh and relaxed, thereby improving mental health.
  • For regular bingo players, even a trip to thebingo hall is beneficial. It is a regular dose of exercise and improves both physical and mental health. For the elderly, this is a great way to stay mentally fit.

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Charity 1 Bingo Hall, Copperas Cove TX

by Administrator 12. May 2014 13:51

Bingo is a favorite pass time for a large portion of the population, who find the game exciting, thrilling, and a great challenge for the mind. Bingo is a highly amusing game and the perfect way to meet with old friends and make new ones. Playing bingo for charity adds another humanitarian aspect to the game. Charity is giving money, goods or time for the benefit of others. There are several halls in the country that organize charity bingo and are an ideal medium to meet new people, share your interests with them and play for a good cause of charity. There is a portion of the revenue that is generated by sales of tickets which is kept aside for charity so even if you don’t win you are contributing to the betterment of society by just buying sale tickets. The collective efforts of all players of bingo help in generating a lot of revenue for charity. You can also volunteer for around the bingo hall and some part of the winnings are also contributed.

Charity bingo games are organized at Charity 1 Bingo Hall, located in Copperas Cove TX, which is also an ideal place to meet new people with whom you share common interests along with the will to do charity. Bingo is an excellent stimulator of the mind and keeps the player active mentally as it is proven that bingo players are mentally more active than their counterparts.  Bingo is enjoyed by people of every age and the flexible easy rules, makes it easier to understand and enjoy the game. New variations help keep the game interesting and challenging for regular players. Charity bingo gives the players a sense of good will and responsibility towards the society. You can always ask about the where and how the charity money shall be used. To sum it up, through charity bingo, you get to find a wonderful way to pass time, meet new friends, give back to society and all in all have a wholesome activity to look forward to.

We at Charity 1 Bingo Hall in Copperas Cove TX organize charity bingo games and welcome you to meet new people with similar tastes. We are available at (254) 518-8154 and are located at 206 Laura St. Copperas Cove, TX.

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Different Types Of Bingo Games

by Administrator 5. May 2014 19:07

Bingo is a popular form of recreation across various parts of the globe. The game that originated in Italy in early 1500s today enjoys extensive patronage of people worldwide. Bingo comes in various versions and forms with many of the bingo halls dedicated to charity as well. The idea is to donate a fixed percentage of proceeds from ticket sales to charitable causes. Below is an outline of some versions of bingo that are commonly played in bingo halls.

  • 75-ball bingo: This is the version that is most commonly played in bingo halls. As the name suggests, the game is played with a total of 75 balls. A card containing 5 rows and 5 columns of random numbers from 1 to 75 is used. The balls are to be placed on this card.
  • 90-ball bingo: This version is popular in European nations. Also known as ‘housie’, it does not use the conventional 5x5 ticket. Instead a card with 3 rows and 9 columns is used. The winning combinations for this version of bingo include one row, double row, and a full card. Generally, many players believe that this version is easier to play than the 75-ball game.
  • 80-ball bingo: This version is among the latest innovations when it comes to the game of bingo. It combines features of both the 75-ball and 90-ball versions. 80-ball bingo is fast-paced and is placed on 4x4 tickets. The winning combinations can vary from simple lines to complex shapes and patterns.
  • 30-ball bingo: The 30-ball version guarantees higher odds of winning for players and is fast-paced in comparison to the 80-ball version too. The game uses 3x3 tickets and is used in games with progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are the ones where the jackpot to be won goes higher up with every round. As with other versions of the game there is no winning combination in 30-ball bingo. Rather, the player who manages to fill his or her card completely at the earliest is declared the winner.
  • Coverall bingo: This is a sub-variant under the 75-ball category. Coverall bingo is very easy to play as the player who covers his or her card first is declared the winner of the jackpot. Though this version can be quite slow when it comes to the pace of play the jackpots to be won are bigger.

So if you are a bingo enthusiast play the amazing game of bingo at Texas Charity Bingo in Bryan TX, visit Bingo Barn at 1018 S Texas Ave, Bryan, TX   77803 Telephone Number: (979) 779-2871.

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