Know The Bingo Jargons And Terminology

by Administrator 19. January 2015 13:16

Bingo is a very popular game to pass time, meet new people and have a chance at wining prizes. However there are a few commonly used terminologies, jargons, slangs and lingos used in the game that one should be familiar with when playing in a bingo hall

  • Admission Packets: It refers to the minimum number of cards required for the admission to the bingo game. The admissions packets are generally purchased and consist of three to six cards for every regular game.
  • Ball Gate: It is the metal flap at the top of the ball runway through which the ball rolls out to enter the main playfield.
  • Ball Lifter: It is the device in the bingo halls that lifts the ball from the playfield area to the shooter tip.
  • Ball Runway:  It refers to a sleeve on the right side where the ball shooter places the bingo ball.
  • Ball Shooter: It is a device loaded with a spring that helps in launching the bingo ball into the playfield.
  • Basket Bingo: The bingo game in which the basket prizes are given to the winners.
  • Bingo Board: An electronic display board that gleams showing the number called.
  • Bingo Card: The card containing 24 numbered spaces and one blank space, which are purchased to play the game of bingo. The type of card bought depends upon the game being played.
  • Black Out: A bingo pattern in which all 25 squares on the bingo card are covered.
  • Blower: A device, which by the force of air, mixes the bingo balls and allocates them to the caller.
  • Caller: The person who announces the bingo numbers as they are drawn.
  • Cash In Prize: It is a form of bingo where the prize given is in cash. Traditionally, the 50% of the money is paid and 50% is handed over as prize.
  • Daubers: It is an item used to mark the squares of the bingo card as soon as the number is called.
  • Deposit Bonuses: It is the cash paid to online player accounts to fund their bingo session.
  • Early Bird Game: The bingo game that is scheduled earlier than the regular bingo game.
  • Nine Pack: A bingo card having 9 numbers in a block.
  • Speed Bingo: It is a faster version of bingo, where the numbers are called out speedily as compared to the traditional game.
  • Wrap Up: It is the last game played in a bingo session.

You can play bingo at Texas Charity Bingo and explore more terminologies used while playing the game. We organize numerous paper, themed and electronic bingo games. For more information you can call at (979) 779 – 2871.

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Texas Bingo Hall

Paper Card Bingo Games At Bingo Barn, Texas

by Administrator 12. January 2015 17:49

Bingo is the perfect game to relax and unwind after a hectic day at home or at the office. Bingo Barn offers paper card bingo games for people to play and stand a chance of wining the jackpot. Besides giving an opportunity to relax, socialize and spend quality time, the bingo hall also offers many attractive rewards and jackpots to the winner of these games. A major part of the funds collected from the sale of bingo cards are also donated to various charitable organizations in the city.

Given below is a complete guide to play paper card bingo in Bingo Barn, Texas:

The Cards

In order to play bingo, the players usually have to buy certain cards that are printed with random numbers. The number of cards that can be purchased varies in different bingo halls. However you should make sure that you effectively manage all the cards that you purchase.

The Caller

At the bingo hall, there is a person who picks up the numbers randomly and announces them to the players. He will also declare the pattern to be played before the beginning of each game. There might be different patterns that can be chosen and they might be changed from game to game. The two most common patterns used in paper card bingo games are straight line and cover-all. In the former, the player can call out ‘Bingo’ as he marks out a five number straight line from end to end. This can either be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. In the latter, the players have to mark all the numbers given on the card.

Marking Numbers

Once the caller has announced the number, the players have to quickly scan their cards to find if the number and immediately mark it with the dauber provided to you. The players need to be very attentive and careful at this stage to avoid missing out any number on their cards. Sitting close to the caller can help you listen to the numbers more clearly. Once all the numbers of the pattern are marked the player needs to shout ‘Bingo’ for the caller to check his claim.

Visiting Bingo Barn, Texas is an enthralling experience as you get to interact with a multitude of people. Thus, besides playing the game, you also get a chance to make friends and socialize. For more information about the schedule of paper card bingo games at our bingo hall in Bryan, TX, you can call us at (979) 779-2871 or visit at 1018 S Texas Ave, Bryan, TX   77803.

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Exciting Bingo Games At Charity Bingo 4

by Administrator 5. January 2015 19:51

Bingo is a very popular game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Visiting a bingo hall is a great way to spend leisure time with friends, make new friends and stand a chance to win many attractive prizes and cash rewards. Playing bingo socially also offers many social and intellectual benefits to the players. Charity Bingo 4 is a popular bingo hall in Georgetown, TX that offers exciting games to its members.

The most important step towards increasing your chances of wining is to understand the different types of bingo games offered at the Charity Bingo 4 hall. Some of the games organized by this bingo hall are:

  • Paper Card Bingo Games: This is the most traditional version of the fun filled game of bingo. In this, the players have to purchase pre-printed cards, each having 5 columns and 5 rows. Every card has 24 random numbers with a free cell in the center. The cards also have certain security features like card authentication number and serial number. As the caller begins to announce the numbers, the task of the players is to mark the corresponding numbers in their cards. The first player to mark out all the numbers in a given pattern, and calls ‘Bingo’ is declared the winner.
  • Electronic Bingo Games: This is a more modernized form of the conventional bingo game. Although the basic rule and strategy remains the same as paper card bingo, there are a few differences between the two. In electronic bingo, the players are provided with computer screens in place of paper cards. As the caller announces the number, the player has to spot the corresponding number on the computer screen. One significant advantage of playing electronic bingo game is that it allows the player to manage multiple cards at the same time.

In both types of bingo, it is important that the player must call out ‘Bingo’ immediately after completing the pattern. The caller then verifies the numbers and declares the winner for the session. Attractive jackpot prizes and cash rewards are offered to the winner, which vary from game to game.

You can visit Charity Bingo 4 in Georgetown, TX and play some exciting bingo games in a fun filled environment. We organize different sessions every day and themed bingo games on special occasions. For more information about our bingo hall, you can call at (512) 863 – 8811 or visit us at 6590 South Lakewoods Drive, Georgetown, TX 78633.

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