Tips To Play Bingo

by Administrator 18. March 2015 19:17

Bingo is a popular game enjoyed by people of all ages. Although bingo is a game of chance and luck, players especially beginners often look for tips and pointers that can help them hit the jackpot.

Here are some tips to play bingo successfully:

  • Arrive Early: You should make sure that you arrive early in the bingo hall, as this will give you sufficient time to interact with other players and prepare for your game. You can choose a seat of your choice and prepare your cards before the game starts. You should try to get snacks and use the rest room if you need to, as once the game starts you will not get enough time to move around.
  • Prepare Well: Ensure that you have the required bingo equipment with you like glue sticks, adhesive tapes, dauber, marker, etc.
  • Get a seat near caller: For playing effectively and winning at bingo, it is crucial that you choose your seat carefully. Make sure your seat is near the caller so that you can listen to the called numbers easily. This will help you get the important information before others. You can even see the next ball coming out of the tube, if you are positioned near the caller or screen. However, you must bear in mind that calling bingo before the caller announces the numbers is not allowed.
  • Stay Alert and focused: Be alert and aware of what is happening around you. You must concentrate on the game and keep the track of the caller. You stand a chance of losing the jackpot if you miss a number. You should avoid talking to others during the game, as this will disturb others and even distract you.
  • Avoid Crowded Halls: To boost your scope of winning the game, make sure you play at a bingo hall that is less crowded. More the players, the lesser winning chances you have, so make sure you play on weekdays, or hours when you expect least rush in the bingo hall.
  • Play Multiple Cards: To increase your odds, make sure you play more than one card so that you have more chances to win. However, make sure you do not buy more cards than you can handle.

Bingo is an exciting game that offers you a chance to win money enjoy and socialize. There are no sure shot tricks to win the game; however, by using the above stated tips, you can enjoy the game and stand a better chance to hit a jackpot.

We, at Texas Charity Bingo halls organize exciting bingo games in Killeen, TX. You can visit us at 205 E Hallmark Ave, Killeen, Texas 76541 or call at (254) 690-3738 to know about the bingo game schedules.

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Good Luck Charm While Playing Bingo

by Administrator 11. March 2015 18:27

Most of the bingo players feel that luck has a big part to play in winning the game and this is the reason why Texas bingo halls and good luck charms are associated with each other. Depending upon one’s belief, every player carries his lucky mascot with him while visiting the bingo hall.

Given here are some of the common good luck charms that people use while playing bingo:

  • Rabbit’s Foot: Most bingo lover’s feel that keeping a rabbit’s foot helps to protect them from the evil look of other players. On the other hand, some of them think that it is just cute and would bring good luck to them.
  • Troll Doll: This is another thing that people like to take with them at the bingo halls. A number of players think that this little doll has the power to make them win the game.
  • Special Pictures: People also think that keeping the pictures of their loved one while playing bingo can also increase their chances of winning the game. These are believed to be a source of mental support and concentration.
  • Key Chains: Bingo players bring special key chains with them when they visit the bingo hall. They like to keep them besides their computer screen or bingo paper cards. The keychain is believed to bring good luck whether it is due to the color of the keychain, the message, symbol and design on it or the person who gifted it to the player.
  • Coins: A lot of bingo players even like to carry a good luck coin with them whenever they go to a bingo hall. They believe that having that coin with them can help them win the game.

Who Is At The Winning Edge?

Bingo requires a player to be mentally alert and physically active. You need to carefully listen to the called out numbers, mark them out on your cards and be spontaneous in yelling ‘BINGO’ once you complete the pattern. For this, you need to be tactful while playing the game along with having luck on your side. Applying certain tips and tricks, using your previous experience and little bit of good luck combined together calls for winning a bingo game.

Texas Charity Bingo is a renowned bingo hall offering a wide range of exciting games for the people of Texas. We are situated in multiple locations across Killeen, Bryan, Georgetown, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove, TX. To know the schedule of our bingo games, you can call at (979) 779 – 2871.

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Bingo Winning Strategies

by Administrator 4. March 2015 19:23

Although luck plays a big role in winning in Bingo but many strategies can increase the chances of hitting the jackpot. Even though you cannot control the numbers that are called, however by using certain tricks, you stand a better chance in the bingo hall.

Here are some strategies that can help you win at bingo.

  • Play multiple cards: One of the most effective strategies is that you play with multiple cards rather than with a single card. Higher umber of cards increases your chances of winning the game. However in order to play with multiple cards you need to have experience, skills and focus. You should purchase as many cards as you can handle comfortably or else you wont be able to play the game.
  • Avoid the crowds: A strategy that most of the players use to enhance their chances at game is playing on a night when there is minimum crowd. This means there is less competition and you certainly have winning spaces to yourself. People deliberately choose to play on weeknights when there are less chances of a large crowd in the hall.
  • More patterns to be called: Make sure you choose a game that has many patterns, as more the patterns, the greater are your chances to win. The game starting with four corners, verticals, diagonals, crosses, horizontals and blackout offer you more than five chance to win. It is much better than a game with single pattern that offers only one chance to win.
  • Stay relaxed and calm: Often people do not win because they miss a number or take time to look for the number and meanwhile someone else yells bingo and wins the jackpot. Thus it is important that you stay relaxed and calm which will assist you in being more focused on the caller and concentrate on the game.
  • Arrive early: You should make sure that you arrive early to the bingo hall. This will not only offer you a chance to get tickets of your choice but also choose the seat of your choice. You can pick a seat near the caller where you can easily listen to the numbers called out. By arriving early, you will have enough time to interact with other players and maybe share some winning tricks.

Though there is no sure shot way to win bingo, however by knowing the kind of cards to buy, when to buy and where to play, you can improve your odds of winning the game.

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