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Most Common Bingo Phrases

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Bingo phrases are the soul of a bingo game. They add life to the numbers and an air of excitement in a bingo hall. The phrases are cheeky, witty and fun to hear, no wonder they are on the tips of expert players.

Here are some of the most common and interesting bingo phrases used during a game of bingo.

  • 9. Doctors’ Orders- This interesting phrase is derived from military language. It is believed that 9 PM was when pills that were given by doctors to soldiers during World War II, as it was the latest the army and naval officers could make appointments.
  • 11. Legs Eleven:  As clear as it looks, legs eleven is a phrase used to describe the number 11 which resembles a pair of long thin legs. There’s an element of fun attached to this phrase in comparing the legs of the actual player with 11’s legs!
  • 13. Unlucky For Some- The number 13 is associated with bad luck in many parts of the world. The words, “for some” are used because there are few players who feel that this number brings them lots of cash and joy!
  • 16. Never Been Kissed: This phrase tells the tale of two lovers and it is also called Sweet Sixteen based on a song sung in 1932 by the Blue Mountaineers.
  • 25. Duck And Dive- This animated phrase uses the number 2 with reference to a cute duck who dives away on seeing 5, a snake.
  • 44. Droopy Drawers: A funny phrase, Droopy Drawers is used for this number because it resembles a pair of trousers that look like they have slipped down a person’s legs. This phrase is sure to ignite bursts of laughter during a bingo game!
  • 53. Here Comes Herbie: This phrase is derived from a car featured in various Disney films since the 1960s. Its bonnet has the racing number 53 hence the phrase.
  • 56. Was She Worth It? Refers to the high cost of marriages in the 50’s which was 5 shillings and a sixpence. It is a cheeky phrase asking whether the amount is worth a wife!
  • 57. Heinz Varieties: Heinz condiments have the number 57 which is used to describe the variety of products produced by the sauce manufacturer.
  • 83: Ethel’s Ear: The connection between this number and the phrase can be deciphered by observing the number. 8 is supposed to resemble a fat lady and 3, her ear.
  • 88. Garden Gate/ Two Fat Ladies- This number has two phrases to represent it. One is rather funny. The number 88 depicts two curvy ladies standing next to one another. Garden gate is also used because it simply rhymes with the number.

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Health Benefits of Playing Bingo

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