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Facts About Bingo Daubers

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A bingo dauber is a pen used to mark the numbers being called during a game of bingo. Daubers can also be called dabbers or dobbers. They are an intrinsic part of bingo as a tool, an accessory and for some even their good luck charm.

Listed below are some interesting facts about daubers that every avid bingo player should know:

  • Characteristics Of A Dauber: A special characteristic of a dauber is a distinct round circle they make which looks like a bingo chip. It is a little plastic bottle with a sponge-tip that is filled with non-toxic and non-staining ink. Daubers usually contain around 45 ml of ink but are also available with a capacity of 80-120ml of ink which can last from 4 to 8 sessions of bingo without being re-filled.
  • History: Bingo originated in Italy in the 1500s and spread to parts of Europe in 1700s. During this period, players marked their cards with beans. In the early 20th century, when bingo made its way to North America and gained immense popularity, people progressed to using cards with sliding windows and brightly colored plastic disks. It was in the late 20th century that daubers came about.
  • Types Of Daubers: Daubers are available in a variety of themes, colors and shapes to suit different personalities. They can also be customized to reflect your personality. There are disposable daubers, novelty daubers, plain daubers, daubers with different nibs e.g. simple round nibs or nibs with the shape of the sun, stars, moon, etc.
  • A Good Bingo Dauber: A good dauber’s ink is transparent and flows freely. One should be able to see the numbers after they’ve been marked. The dauber should be a big and colorful one. In the end, it should feel good to you.
  • Types Of Inks For Daubers: In addition to the affordable standard bingo ink, one can also use fluorescent daubers in magenta, purple, pink, aqua, lime green, coral, teal, orange, etc. These colors are a favorite among younger players. The colors are non-toxic and can be safely used by players who have kids around. An interesting observation regarding daubers is that the color used by many players is purple.
  • Where To Get Daubers From: Daubers cannot be found at stores. They are available at bingo halls and on online portals as well.

Texas Charity Bingo has numerous bingo halls all across Texas that organize paper card and electronic bingo for bingo players. For more information, log on to http://www.texascharitybingo.com/

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