Bingo Game Rules

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A game of chance, bingo is about matching numbers printed on a card with numbers randomly called out by the caller (game host). The numbers are marked with tiles or by using daubers of colored ink. When the selected numbers form a pre-decided pattern, the player calls out “Bingo!” to declare a winning card. The first player to create a winning arrangement of numbers on his card is the winner and is entitled to a prize.

Listed below are some rules to be followed when playing bingo:

  • Always read the rules posted on special handouts or printed rules handed over to players. Common rules stated are about age of players, not entering and leaving the bingo play area during games, outside foods and beverages should not be brought, etc.
  • Just before a game begins, a specific playing pattern is announced along with the prize. Pay attention to instructions pertaining to the requirements for winning a game i.e. you may have to create a diagonal line, numbers in four corners, picture frame or cover-alls (cover all numbers on the card).
  • Before the game begins, take out time to mark the free space on your card. Then as the numbers are called, swiftly cover the called numbers if on your card and work towards forming a winning combination.
  • On forming a combination of numbers, the onus is on the player to announce “Bingo!” before the host calls out the next number.
  • Be cautious to check your card thoroughly and do not call out “Bingo!” if your card doesn’t form the winning pattern.
  • Pay attention to common etiquettes for a pleasant experience.
  • For better concentration, it is appreciable to maintain silence when a game is on, respect the caller and avoid calling false bingos as this impacts the flow of the game.
  • If you need to smoke, always use the room/space designated for the same and respect the space for nonsmokers.
  • Some important tips for making the most out of a bingo game are to arrive early, be prepared, sit closer to the caller, be alert, play multiple cards and keep a positive attitude.

Texas Charity Bingo offers a variety of games to bingo players at various locations including in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Bryan, and Belton. For more details on bingo games in Texas, visit your nearest Texas Charity Bingo hall or call at (254) 939 – 1554.

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