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Texas Charity Bingo halls in Central Texas offer diverse range of bingo games including both paper card and electronic bingo. Being the land of interesting games, exciting rewards & lucrative jackpots, bingo halls offer something for every player.  So, let us explore the various types of bingo games available at Texas Charity Bingo halls!

Paper Based Bingo Games

There is plethora of paper based bingo games available at Texas Charity Bingo halls. To play these games, purchase a pre-printed traditional bingo ticket; containing 5X5 grids with 24 numbered spaces & one free space in the middle. As the caller calls out the numbers; mark those numbers on your card in order to complete the winning pattern. Each game has its own wining pattern which is declared before the game starts. The player who completes the pattern first is declared winner.

Electronic Bingo Games

With few similarities with paper-based bingo games, in Electronic Bingo games you are required to buy a receipt slip to log into the electronic bingo. Now, daub the called numbers on the machine and pave the way for enticing rewards. 

Few game types available at Texas Charity Bingo halls:

  • Crazy Kite is one in which a kite like arrow is formed. The tail might point to any of the four corners.
  • Large Picture Frame pattern requires to cover the square boxes along the edge of the card; forming a large picture frame area.
  • Block of Nine requires players to make three rows of three squares each for block of nine.
  • Coverall pattern requires to daub off all the spaces on a card within number of calls; generally used for jackpots.
Other Bingo Games Available: Reno Blackout, Double Bingo No Corners, Double Bingo Corners Count, Corner Bracket Any Corner, 4 Postage Stamps Corners Only.

Texas Charity Bingo halls offer a secure gaming environment. Our well-lit, spacious and comfortable halls are great place for fun, entertainment & socializing.  We have galore of promotions & rewards for all experienced as well as novice bingo players.

To know more about our bingo games, browse through You can also visit Texas Charity Bingo halls located in Killeen, Waco, Harker Heights, Bryan and Belton.

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What to Look for In a Bingo Hall

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