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Originated from traditional lottery game in 1530s, Bingo still continues to win hearts across the globe. In addition to being a fun way to spend leisure time, playing bingo at bingo halls offers an array of other benefits. Some of the benefits include socializing, huge jackpots, freebies, and diverse game types.

The basic way of playing bingo is same for every game type. The players have a bingo sheet with five rows and five columns to create 25 boxes. The columns are marked as ‘B’, ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘G’, & ‘O’. The boxes contain random numbers (1-75) arranged in following way:

B: 1-15

I: 16-30

N: 31-45

G: 45-60

O: 60-75

The caller (person hosting bingo) calls out a random number. Players are required to mark the called out number on their card (if present). If a player marks all the numbers required for the winning pattern, he shouts ‘BINGO’ before the next number is called out.

While this is the basic way of playing Bingo, the difference lies in the winning pattern. Bingo halls offer different types of winning patterns to amplify the fun factor of the game. For example, Texas Charity Bingo halls in Killeen offer multiple bingo game types based on the winning pattern.

48 Bingo

48 Bingo is an elite bingo hall in Killeen which offers Coverall bingo game. This game pattern requires a bingo player to daub off all the spaces on a card within number of calls to win. 

Charity 3 Bingo

Charity 3 Bingo is an exclusive bingo hall that presents Coverall bingo game & impressive rewards to the players in Killeen.

Playland Bingo

Playland Bingo offers an exceptional range of bingo games:

  • Crazy Kite: In this game pattern, a kite like arrow is formed. Players have to mark four squares to form a box at one corner and three squares to form the tail pointing to the diagonal corner.
  • Large Picture Frame: This pattern requires to cover the square boxes along the edge of the card; forming a large picture frame area.
  • Block of Nine:  Make three consecutive rows of three squares each for block of nine.
  • Reno Blackout: The players need to daub off all the squares on the card.
  • Double Bingo No Corners: Daub off numbers to cover squares of two columns.
  • Double Bingo Corners Count: Mark the numbers to form a box of four squares on one corner and the corner square on remaining corners.
  • Corner Bracket Any Corner: The pattern is formed by a corner square and two consecutive squares on its each side along the borders forming the corner.
  • 4 Postage Stamps Corners Only: Mark numbers to form 4 boxes of four squares each on all the four corners of the bingo card.
Redman Bingo

Redman Bingo is an exotic bingo hall that is popularly known as the land of exciting promotions and rewards! The hall offers a memorable gaming experience with Coverall bingo game.

In addition to diverse bingo game types, the bingo halls also offer different game types based on the mode of playing such as paper card bingo and electronic bingo.

Paper Based Bingo Games

Purchase a pre-printed traditional bingo paper. As the caller calls out the numbers; mark those numbers in order to complete the winning pattern. Each game has its own wining pattern. The player who completes the pattern first is declared winner.

Electronic Bingo Games

With few similarities with paper-based bingo games, in Electronic Bingo games, the player is required to buy a receipt slip to log into the electronic bingo. The player needs to enter the called numbers on the machine, and the machine daubs the entered number on the cards.

To know more about games offered at bingo halls in Killeen, browse through You can also visit Texas Charity Bingo Halls or call (254) 628 -7740.

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