History Of Bingo

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The history of Bingo goes back to the year 1530 in Italy when it was just a lottery game. By the eighteenth century the game had gained some maturity and cards and tokens had taken place of the lottery system. By the nineteenth century Bingo was being used widely all over Germany for educational purposes as well. It was used to teach students spelling s and multiplication tables.

Commercially in US, Bingo was started by Edwin Lowe who noticed this game in 1929 in Atlanta where some players were playing the game of “Beano” with dried beans, a rubber stamp and a cardboard sheet. Lowe noticed the excitement of the players and decided to take this game to New York. He first introduced the game to his friends who loved it.

Origin of the name BINGO

BINGO name erupted when one of the players who was so exited during one of the games that he yelled BINGO instead of BEANO. Lowe liked the name and started calling the game BINGO. BINGO name so popular that by 1940’s that Bingo games were all over the US.

Bingo is very popular in the state of Texas, specially the Charity Bingo games. Here are details of our Bingo Halls in Texas where you can go and play Bingo and have fun

Bingo is a not only played for gambling but also for charity in Texas Charity Halls in Killeen where the aim is not to gamble but to play for charity.

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Charity Bingo - Texas Charity Bingo

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Apart from the thrill, excitement and amusement factors related to bingo, this game is also played by church groups and other community groups etc. with the motive of raising funds for charity. This method conveniently combines the thrill of the game with the satisfaction of having donated some amount for charity and is thus popular all over. The phenomenon of playing the game for charity can be traced way back in the history of the nation, even to the previous centuries. Bingo Halls across the country provide the right environment for socializing and charity fundraising through Bingo.

Fund raising games are played exactly in the same fashion as other routine bingo games. There can be some customized changes made in the Bingo game rules to make it more interesting for players.   Some part of the fund collected by making the game tickets available to participants is fixed and put up for charity, a part of it goes to the bingo hall as its profit share and the rest is fixed up for distribution among the winning participants as prize money.

This way, the participants are not deprived of the thrill and excitement of winning the game and taking home some prize money. Rather, win or lose, they go back with the feeling of pride and satisfaction in their hearts for having managed to do/contribute a small share in the upliftment of the society. Bingo has, over the years played a major role in increasing the total charity value in the country. The charity amount collected from bingo is donated to various Non Government Organisations which further direct them to the poor, needy and deprived.

Huge expenditure or heavy cut on one’s pocket and daily requirements is not necessary for donation/charity through bingo halls. Playing one game a week in a charity bingo hall by spending a meagre amount in the purchase of a ticket is enough to suffice for one’s share of individual donation in the overall charity. Thus, being rich is not a pre-requisite for charitable bingo. A common man with modest earnings can conveniently put in his contribution in the charity of the country. If Lady Luck is on one’s side and he manages a prize, then it is his day. But even if one does not win, he does not go back with a heavy feeling of loss in the pit because he is content that the money he spent on the ticket and could not make anything of is at least going to be put to good use. Thus, it is a win-win situation in both cases, whatsoever.

Socially playing bingo for charitable purposes also leads to more of harmony and a positive feeling in among players. All the players, when contributing for the common cause of charity take the game in a healthier spirit, albeit any negative competition or feelings of jealousy. It leads to cohesion and harmony in the society. Thus, bingo played for the purpose of helping the needy has comparatively manifold advantages over ordinary bingo played solely for the purpose of winning or fun.
You can play charity bingo at Texas Charity Bingo Halls located in Killeen, Georgetown, Copperas Cove, Bryan.

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What is Electronic Bingo & How To Play it

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Electronic Bingo basically refers to playing bingo on computer/ electronic devices, in order to remove human errors of manually handling more than one card simultaneously and increasing the efficiency of the player. Since Bingo is a popular and well-known game, there is a need for easier devices and methods which provide the player with a multiplicity in the chances to win. The greatest advantage of electronic bingo is that it removes the chances of missing a bingo, irrespective of the number of cards being played. It also saves one from the embarrassment of a fake call or a “bogey”. One is just supposed to sit, hear the caller call out different numbers,  which will be highlighted on the player’s screen and punch the corresponding keys on their respective machines and shout out ‘bingo’ when he/she manages to strike off any pre decided number pattern. You can play electronic bingo at state-of-the-art "Texas Charity Bingo" halls located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Bryan and Georgetown.

There are two possible ways of playing electronic bingo i.e. by making use of either hand held bingo devices or video bingo machines.

Hand held bingo devices: Computers are revolutionising all aspects of human life, including bingo. More and more bingo players these days are opting for portable and hand held, easy to use bingo devices which allow the players to play multiple cards/tickets at the same time with a minimum of human effort and zero errors. With the catching of the upcoming trend, nearly 50 percent of the players in most bingo halls are opting for these devices over the traditional manual method. The greatest advantage of these devices is their ‘tracking mechanism’, making use of which even the new and inexperienced players stand as good a chance at winning as the experienced players. A major added benefit is that players with physical disabilities can enjoy the game which was not possible with the manual method. Though, the regulation of playing cards allowed per player is decided by each hall individually, but many of these devices have the efficiency to play up to even 200 cards a day.

Video bingo machines: Another latest and upcoming hi-tech technique of playing bingo is by making use of the video bingo machines, which closely resemble video slot machines. One video bingo game costs ranging from one quarter to a dollar. The general payout of a bingo machine varies from eighty to ninety percent in terms of winning. In order to claim his/her winnings, the player is supposed to push the “cash out” button available on the screen. This will provide him/her with a cash ticket which can be swapped for money by the player at the end of the game.

Electronic bingo is fun, comparatively easier, more efficient and a technical way of playing the game as compared to the traditional methods of manually playing. You can play both manual and electronic bingo at Texas Charity Bingo Halls located in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Bryan and Georgetown in Texas.

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