Bingo and Its Therapeutic Value

by Administrator 26. February 2011 08:02

Bingo is a game that not only provides the players with entertainment but it also assists them to achieve healthiness. According to a research carried out by Institute for Social Research in Central Texas, the consistent participants of Bingo generally have a good mental health. Bingo facilitates in creating the mind sharp that proves to be beneficial particularly for the older people that constitute a high percentage of Bingo players. In the research, people were screened on their mental agility and it was indicated clearly that the steady players were more speedy and accurate than the non-players. It was also demonstrated that the older people who were the consistent players turned out to be better in the test than the younger participants. There are numerous ways in which Bingo facilitates in improving the health of its players:

Increments the Brain fitness:
Bingo is beneficial for one's brain and according to that research, the bingo players have superior mental skills, better memory and mental capacity than the non-players as playing Bingo permits the players to flex their concentration muscles along with exciting their hand-eye coordination. The participants playing the strategy games like chess or checkers are mostly the intellectual people who make use of the antecedently stored info in their mind but in case of Bingo, the participants employ the straightforward skills and vigilance that assists in hiking their brain functions. So, playing Bingo cannot make the players intellectual but it will help in boosting the brain functions.

Healthiness with Laughter:
The Bingo halls extend a platform to the players for socializing. Older people constitute the maximum percent of the Bingo players. The assemblage in Bingo halls not only provides the players a place to play but bulk of the Bingo halls are full of fun and enjoyment for the participants. Laughter and delectation is invariably beneficial for the condition of older people as well as for the guys of any age.

Functions as a purpose:
Playing Bingo functions as a purpose of being glad and it extends fulfillment to the older people. By and large the older people get into depression or fall ill as they simply do not have any determination to be happy or relish their lives. Playing Bingo helps as a stress buster and assists in enhancing the immune system too.

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