Texas Bingo Games For Charity

by Administrator 3. January 2011 18:56

With the kick start of the holiday season, there have been many Charity Bingo games organized in and around Texas for the benefit of the poor. Charity Bingo games have much to offer for everyone as they not only allow you to make lump sum donations but also direct all the proceeds obtained from the selling of tickets to charitable purposes. Apart from the organization of games, there are a variety of eating options available for the players and even those who do not wish to play can do their bit by purchasing things to eat. In some Bingo halls, even the money received from the food also goes to charity. Most bingo halls tend to have fast food options on the menu like pizzas, burgers, fries, etc. while some high end ones may have gourmet food.

Apart from giving you the option of donating money by buying Bingo tickets and playing to your heart’s content, you can also contribute at these Bingo halls in another way. Charity Bingo halls are always looking for volunteers to help out in the organization process. If you wish to do a bit more, you can chip in and offer your services. A large scale Bingo event takes a lot of planning and manpower. You can volunteer to sell Bingo cards, call numbers and plan the event by arranging food and drinks. You can also help provide a celebrity caller if you have useful contacts so as to attract a higher turnout at a Bingo event.

Charity Bingo halls tend to keep attractive prizes as they serve as further inducement for those who wish to donate by playing Bingo. Players who purchase the maximum number of tickets are generally honored or offered a gift to cherish to mark their valuable donation. Prizes can be in the form of Christmas or New Year gifts during the holiday season or consumer durables like a refrigerator, a DVD player, an iPod or sometimes even a vehicle. Lucky draw forms an important part of Bingo games and the winning player is sure to get a great and memorable prize. Charity Bingo games are the best way to spend your money this season.

Visit us at Texas Charity Bingo Halls to play Charity Bingo games in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Bryan and Georgetown, Texas.

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Texas Bingo Halls Organize Charity Games

by Administrator 12. October 2010 11:26

Charity gaming is a well-known and sought after concept these days. Charity gaming encompasses activities such as Bingo, Raffles, charity fund raising events etc. Over the period of time, Bingo has emerged as an important form of charitable gaming and is in vogue these days. In traditional Bingo, the participants make use of paper sheets or cards which are divided into horizontal and vertical spaces. Besides traditional form of Bingo, electronic Bingo on computers is also played in Bingo halls. Bingo games are no doubt fun and when the game is played for charity, it become even more interesting. Bingo Halls actually serve as the best places to play Bingo, as they have adequate space to set up tables, a caller, chairs, machines and other stuff needed for the game. They also have special arrangements for refreshments, such as a food and beverages.

Charity Bingo games can be organized by Churches, NGOs, Social Organizations etc to raise funds for a social cause. The funds collected from bingo are normally used for following activities:

  • School paraphernalia, excursions, books or renovations
  • Church building construction and repair
  • Donations for animal shelters, old age homes or children’s homes
  • Hospital appliances, ambulance services or medical supplies

Most of the bingo halls in Texas contribute large sum of money for a social cause. Most of them organize special Charity Bingo games, the schedule for the same can be had from their local offices.

We at Texas Charity Bingo halls, regularly organize charity Bingo games. At times, we make the games even more fun by twisting various rules for the game. These variation games serve as real excitement for the players. To know our schedule of Charity Bingo games, please call us at 254-634-2143

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Charity Bingo in Texas Bingo Hall

by Administrator 19. July 2010 14:23

In the past decade, Bingo has become a major source of entertainment for people across the world. The experience of playing charity Bingo in a Texas Bingo hall is even better. The players get a chance to apply many tips, tricks and strategies to win the prize money as well as contribute to social welfare. Hence, the feeling is more fulfilling and exciting at the same time.

Many Bingo halls in Texas create a great atmosphere for players to enjoy the game of luck and charity work. There are specific games for charity Bingo in Texas Bingo halls along with regular gaming. As a result, Bingo is not considered just a form of legal gambling anymore.

Even as the online version of Bingo gains popularity, real Bingo halls continue to draw countless people due to their charity value, community events and fund raising abilities. When you play charity Bingo in Texas Bingo halls, you spend time and money for a worthy endeavour. This cannot be done while sitting at home and playing online Bingo.

During their visit to a Bingo hall, players look for different things and different variations of the game. The thrilling environment adds to the excitement of gaming. Moreover, you can socialize with people from different ages and backgrounds. If you prefer to play in privacy, opting for electronic charity Bingo in Texas Bingo halls is a good idea. Even if you don’t win, this will enable you to make new friends, develop a healthy competitive spirit and most importantly, give back to society.

While Bingo definitely brings players together from diverse fields, it still remains simple to understand and easy to play. Like regular Bingo, charity Bingo also includes marking numbers, spotting a pattern on the ticket and calling out 'Bingo' before any other player to win the prizes. This is accompanied with constant tips, tricks and sharing of views among the players. On the whole, charity Bingo sessions in Texas Bingo halls are sure to be an amazing, fun-filled experience. 

Visit us at Texas Charity Bingo Halls located at Killeen, Copperas Cove, George Town and Bryan in Texas and experience the real fun of Bingo.

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Community Welfare Through Bingo Halls

by Administrator 27. June 2010 14:57

One of the oldest and most relished games of our times, Bingo still attracts people who want to have a good time and socialize as well. Apart from the monetary prize, its entertainment value is a big draw for players of all age groups.

The best place to enjoy a game of Bingo is at the Bingo hall. Bingo halls offer a complete experience in terms of relaxation, excitement and winning chances. Nowadays, a lot of players go to Bingo halls not only for fun and excitement associated with the game but also to contribute a little for a cause by playing charity Bingo games. In terms of community welfare, Bingo has a lot of advantages, as elaborated below:

Interaction: Charity Bingo is as interesting as the regular game. It gives you a reason for players to come together for a good cause and meet other players who turn from strangers to friends over a short period of time. Instead of playing alone, you can form an active social group at the Bingo hall.

Competition: When you play charity Bingo at a Bingo hall, it reignites a healthy spirit of competition. In contrast to the online Bingo that lets you play individually, Bingo halls are a great place to compete to win the game and have more fun.

Active Environment: Regular interaction with other Bingo players allows you to stay active and young. This is not possible while you’re sitting at home or playing online. Playing for charity and community welfare will make you feel good about yourself as well as prevent your mental aging.

Alertness: The rules of the game need the players to stay alert while the numbers are being called out. You have to keep track of the numbers, mark them and call out ‘Bingo’ as soon as a pattern is formed on your ticket.

Sportsman Attitude: While playing in a real setup, the players will imbibe a strong sense of sportsman spirit. Charity games at Bingo halls are even more satisfying as the winning amount contributes towards a social cause and ultimately, community welfare.

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Playing For Charity At Bingo Halls

by Administrator 14. June 2010 18:42

For many years, Bingo has proved to be a great source of entertainment for people across the world. The experience of playing this game of chance in a Bingo hall surpasses many other interesting games. The players can apply many tips, tricks and strategies to improve the quality of experience derived from a Bingo game. However, it becomes far more valuable and fulfilling when you play Bingo for charity.

These days, many Bingo halls allow players to enjoy the game of luck and contribute to a valuable cause. Like many other places, Bingo halls in Texas have specific games for charity along with traditional playing. With these developments and variations, Bingo is no longer a form of gambling alone. Unlike online Bingo, venues like real Bingo halls are popular due to their charity value. These are used for a variety of community events and fund raising.

If you choose to play Bingo for charity, you will make a worthwhile contribution towards the society. When you go to a Bingo hall, the effort and money spent on the game is justified as it is for a worthy endeavour. While sitting at home and playing online Bingo, you cannot replicate the same feeling of social responsibility and entertainment. 

Different Bingo players look for different things when they visit a Bingo hall. While some of them enjoy the lively atmosphere of the surroundings, others socialize with players from diverse cultures and age groups. If you want to avoid the chaos of traditional Bingo, opting for electronic Bingo is better. Both of these are offered by most Bingo halls in Texas. The sense of thrill, competition and eagerness to win among players is very exciting. Even if you don't win, Bingo halls provide a good way to make new friends.

There is no doubt about the fact that Bingo is a game that brings players close to each other along the course of marking numbers, spotting a pattern on their tickets and calling out 'Bingo' before any other player to win the prizes. Along with this, the exchange of tips, views and cultures adds to the interesting element associated with the game. As such, Bingo sessions at Bingo halls are always fun, competition and entertainment.

Texas Charity Bingo Halls in Central Texas hosts charity bingo games. Please contact us to know the schedule of charity events.

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Social Networking Through Charity Bingo

by Administrator 17. May 2010 14:06

When people think of Bingo, they are reminded of the excitement and thrill associated with the game. However, it is also played by community groups and churches that want to raise funds for Charity. Through this element, it becomes possible to combine the amusement of the game with social welfare.

The history of Charity Bingo dates back to the initial years of establishment of United States of America. Today, Bingo Halls are located all over the country and provide a great environment for Charity fundraising as well as social networking. Like routine Bingo, Charity Bingo games are also played with the same rules and tricks.

In recent times, Bingo Halls have made efforts to make Charity Bingo more interesting. This includes several customized changes in the rules such as fixing some part of the funds collected from gaming tickets as Charity while the rest is distributed between the Bingo Hall and winners as prize money. 

By customizing the game of Charity Bingo, players get more involved and socialize with others. They are also not deprived of the chance to win prizes and feel satisfied even after donating to a good cause. So, Charity Bingo serves the purpose of social upliftment as well as personal thrill and enjoyment. Over the years, this game has become a major contributor to the total Charity offered in the nation.

The money collected from Charity Bingo is further channelized to Non Government Organizations that deal with poor and needy people. All this does not put a heavy burden on your pocket. It is enough to play one game a week in a Charity Bingo Hall. The small amount spent on buying a ticket is adequate money for supporting overall Charity.

As more and more people try to contribute for a good cause, Charity Bingo is gaining popularity. While it is a grand opportunity for socializing, Bingo Halls make it even better with harmonious atmosphere and rewards for players who win the game. All in all, there is a positive feeling among people who play for the common cause of Charity. This is likely to bring them together and fulfill their social needs as well.

Come and play your favorite Charity Bingo games at Texas Charity Bingo Halls located in Killeen, Georgetown, Copperas Cove and Bryan in Texas.


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Playing Bingo For Charity

by Administrator 19. April 2010 13:40

One of the most entertaining ways of raising money for charity is to play Bingo. Since the beginning, it has been used to fund social events held in community centers and churches.

Just like a regular Bingo game, charity Bingo is played at Bingo Halls. The only difference is that a portion of the money raised from ticket sales is donated to specific charity organizations. Thus, you can enjoy the game of Bingo and win prizes for yourself as well as help in a good cause.

Mostly, you will come across Bingo Halls that cater to selective charities. When a player buys Bingo cards, money is donated to such organizations. This is a fun way of winning great prizes while contributing towards social welfare. Incentives like cash prizes, popcorns at the door and free Bingo cards are offered by charity Bingo Halls to attract players.

In spite of popular opinion, charity Bingo is not just about playing the game. When you visit a Bingo hall for charity games, the experience is much more thrilling and enjoyable. Many of these places sell food and drink to players as well as on-lookers. Moreover, Bingo lovers have the chance to volunteer at Bingo Halls. This includes work like selling cards, counting the number of players, circulating around the floor, keeping the tables, checking the winning numbers, etc.

While charity Bingo Halls are becoming very popular, there is also the option of playing rock & roll Bingo. This kind of Bingo is hosted by rock stars and is fun. You may visit Texas Charity Bingo Halls in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown, Bryan for Charity Bingo Games.

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Charity Bingo - Texas Charity Bingo

by Administrator 8. March 2010 06:09

Apart from the thrill, excitement and amusement factors related to bingo, this game is also played by church groups and other community groups etc. with the motive of raising funds for charity. This method conveniently combines the thrill of the game with the satisfaction of having donated some amount for charity and is thus popular all over. The phenomenon of playing the game for charity can be traced way back in the history of the nation, even to the previous centuries. Bingo Halls across the country provide the right environment for socializing and charity fundraising through Bingo.

Fund raising games are played exactly in the same fashion as other routine bingo games. There can be some customized changes made in the Bingo game rules to make it more interesting for players.   Some part of the fund collected by making the game tickets available to participants is fixed and put up for charity, a part of it goes to the bingo hall as its profit share and the rest is fixed up for distribution among the winning participants as prize money.

This way, the participants are not deprived of the thrill and excitement of winning the game and taking home some prize money. Rather, win or lose, they go back with the feeling of pride and satisfaction in their hearts for having managed to do/contribute a small share in the upliftment of the society. Bingo has, over the years played a major role in increasing the total charity value in the country. The charity amount collected from bingo is donated to various Non Government Organisations which further direct them to the poor, needy and deprived.

Huge expenditure or heavy cut on one’s pocket and daily requirements is not necessary for donation/charity through bingo halls. Playing one game a week in a charity bingo hall by spending a meagre amount in the purchase of a ticket is enough to suffice for one’s share of individual donation in the overall charity. Thus, being rich is not a pre-requisite for charitable bingo. A common man with modest earnings can conveniently put in his contribution in the charity of the country. If Lady Luck is on one’s side and he manages a prize, then it is his day. But even if one does not win, he does not go back with a heavy feeling of loss in the pit because he is content that the money he spent on the ticket and could not make anything of is at least going to be put to good use. Thus, it is a win-win situation in both cases, whatsoever.

Socially playing bingo for charitable purposes also leads to more of harmony and a positive feeling in among players. All the players, when contributing for the common cause of charity take the game in a healthier spirit, albeit any negative competition or feelings of jealousy. It leads to cohesion and harmony in the society. Thus, bingo played for the purpose of helping the needy has comparatively manifold advantages over ordinary bingo played solely for the purpose of winning or fun.
You can play charity bingo at Texas Charity Bingo Halls located in Killeen, Georgetown, Copperas Cove, Bryan.

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Socializing With Bingo Games at Killeen Bingo Halls

by Administrator 22. February 2010 08:53

Bingo is one of the oldest and the most relished social games of all times. Besides the monetary benefits, its social advantages are its major boon. This game of luck, chance and agility when played in social groups or gatherings, proves to be a major mind relaxant and entertainer. This is why bingo played socially is given preference over bingo played in online portals because it lacks the social aspects of competition, group fun, making new friends and staying young mentally. Here is an elaboration :

  • Group interaction: Bingo nights or bingo meets come across as a formidable excuse for regular group interactions. This game then becomes a way of socializing in large groups of people. One gets to meet this circle of bingo players who after regular meetings, turn from strangers to acquaintances and eventually to friends. Above the advantages of playing the game alone, the formation of a regular social circle is an added boon.
  • Competition: Playing Bingo in social groups over online bingo played alone, keeps alive in the individual a healthy spirit of competition which comes from trying to succeed in the game over the other players present in the hall. This added spirit of competition further doubles the fun of the game.
  • Keeps you young at heart: Regular social group interactions succeed in preventing an individual from mentally ageing by keeping them young at heart. Whiling away your time with growing age only needs to ageing of the mind and heart along with the body and making the person a social recluse.
  • Maintains mental agility: The procedure of the game requires agility and alertness of the mind; to quickly strike off all the numbers called out, keep a track and call out ‘bingo’ immediately upon striking off a pattern and not making a fake call or ‘bogey’.
  • Sportsman spirit: The playing of the game socially also embeds in an individual a strong spirit of sportsman spirit. Putting in one’s best effort and rejoicing in the victory of a fellow player despite having lost a game; all foster this healthy spirit.
  • After game gatherings: Bingo friends, making way to the bar or restaurant after a healthy game of bingo is a common sight these days. Meetings and family gatherings, apart from on bingo nights do not come as a surprise either.
  • Social causes: Charity Bingo games generates funds for various social causes. Poor and needy gets benefit from contribution generated through Bingo games for various social causes.

Visit our Bingo Halls in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Georgetown, and Bryan in Texas.

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