Playing Bingo Responsibly

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Playing bingo is a great way of socializing and having fun. To get the most out of a game of bingo, one should play the game responsibly. 

Playing responsibly means playing without the influence of any substance, complying with age limits, budgeting, being honest and keeping track of time. Following are few tips that may be helpful to all bingo fans who want to become responsible players:

  • Plan Ahead Of The Game: Formulating a plan before playing makes it much more fun. You can plan in advance and decide on the day that you want to visit a bingo hall with friends and/or family. Another aspect of planning is to set a budget for the game. Allocating a certain amount of money for the game gives you the confidence of being in charge of how much you spend.
  • Abide By The Rules: There are certain rules regarding the minimum age for playing bingo and these should be strictly adhered to. In addition to this, players should also be made aware of the terms and conditions of the bingo hall they are playing at.
  • Take Breaks:  Breaks are necessary for infusing excitement and fresh energy to a game of bingo. By recharging the mind and body, breaks prevent both physical and mental exhaustion. They are a good time to socialize, have snacks, freshen up and reflect on what you have gained & learnt from a game.
  • Enjoy The Experience: Bingo is not about winning each time; in fact, it is about enjoying the experience. Some people lose focus on the fun aspect and are ready to go to any extent to win. Being a responsible player involves accepting the fact that it is okay not to win and simply move on without getting frustrated or reacting negatively.
  • Be Honest And Helpful: Responsible bingo players are honest and willing to help others. A healthy competitive spirit should be maintained but not at the cost of one’s integrity. Set your limits and stick to them, stop when you are tired and be courteous while communicating with staff & other players around you.

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Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Bingo In A Hall

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Do's And Don'ts Of Playing Bingo

by Administrator 30. November 2018 18:00

Bingo is a fun-filled game that is thoroughly enjoyed by people of various age groups throughout Texas. However, to make the most out of the game; in terms of fun and the incentives it offers, there are certain things that should be done and others that should be avoided. 

Do’s of playing bingo

  • Arrive early: Regular players arrive at least one or two hours prior to the start of a bingo game. Arriving early is important for preparing for the game. You get to choose a seat of your liking, prepare your cards, set-up your good-luck trinkets, grab a snack and so on. By the time the game starts, you will feel composed and ready to play.
  • Prepare: Preparation for a bingo game involves things like bringing some essential materials such as dauber pens, tape or glue-stick, a cushion for added comfort, etc.  The glue-stick or adhesive will be handy if your table is slippery. These supplies will help in keeping your game board secure to ensure that you do not miss a potential win.
  • Choose a seat: Smart players know the value of choosing a seat that is close to the caller. Not only will you hear the combination called better, you may even be able to get a glimpse of the next ball. A good seat minimizes the chances of missing out on a combination.
  • Be alert: Bingo halls are a great hub for socializing and making new friends while enjoying a game. However, when the game is on, be alert and don’t get distracted with ongoing chatter and murmurs. During a game, your full attention should be on the announcer.
  • Prepare cards: If you are playing a game of bingo that requires specific patterns, take time to mark your cards accordingly. This should be done with a highlighter.
  • Learn the lingo: Take time to educate yourself on the bingo lingo. This will help you match up to the expert players and not feel lost and confused.
  • Take breaks: All bingo halls have schedules for games and breaks. Utilise the breaks to go to the bathroom, do some snacking, stretch or simply walk around. Taking a break clears your head and helps you focus better.

Don’ts of playing bingo

  • Don’t talk during the game: Once the first number is called, make it a point to talk less and focus more as you may miss a number while talking.
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How Playing Bingo Is Therapeutic

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Steps To Play Bingo Effectively

by Administrator 21. August 2018 13:40

Bingo is often considered a game of luck. However, there are certain factors which make some players more effective than others. Players who take these steps seriously and follow them religiously have greater chances of winning. Anyone interested in raising the bar of success at the next bingo game can do so by following the following steps:

  1. Prepare: The first and foremost step to a successful bingo game is to prepare yourself for the game. This requires the player to arrive at least half an hour before the game starts. There are players who arrive one or two hours prior to the beginning of a session. On arriving, purchase your cards, relax and talk to those around, have some refreshments and set up your space. Everything you may need during the game should be close by e.g. your phone, a drink, etc.
  2. Arrange Important Supplies: Supplies like highlighters, bingo daubers, masking tape, glue stick, and even lucky charms can greatly increase the chance of success in the game. Bingo daubers help players mark the numbers which have been called. Masking tapes help secure the cards together so that you don’t have to waste time adjusting them. With all your essential supplies around, you are likely to be less distracted.
  3. Choose A Seat: It is believed that choice of a seat in a game of bingo has a huge impact on the performance of player. It is best to sit close to the caller. This will help you remain focused and listen to the numbers clearly. Try to sit on a seat with minimal distraction in order to stay away from talkative players and friends.
  4. Be Alert: It is crucial to remain alert during a bingo game as missing out on even one number has the potential of pushing you further away from winning. A little bit of light exercise prior to a game of bingo can be helpful in stimulating your senses. Also Take scheduled breaks.
  5. Useful Strategies: There are certain strategies for making a bingo game more effective. Some strategies are:
  • Play with more cards or buy few cards and play more games.
  • Use a highlighter to mark your cards in special pattern games.
  • Choose cards with not many common numbers
  • Select cards with an even distribution of numbers and a symmetric order (Granville’s strategy)

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