How To Play Paper Card & Electronic Bingo?

by Administrator 23. November 2020 17:18

Bingo is a popular game among people of all age groups. Traditionally, bingo was played on paper cards. However, technological advances have led to the popularity of computer based electronic bingo. Texas Charity Bingo Halls offer both paper card and electronic bingo games to the players. In order to choose a suitable mode of playing, it is important for the players to know the basics of both – paper card and electronic bingo games.

Here is a concise guide to help players understand how to play paper card and electronic bingo:

First & foremost it is important to understand the bingo card. The structure of a bingo card remains same irrespective of the mode of playing.

  • A bingo card has 25 squares, arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns.
  • The columns are marked as ‘B’, ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘G’, and ‘O’.
  • The range of numbers printed on the cards is 1-75.
  • Every column has its own range of numbers: B (1-15), I (16-30), N (31-45), G (45-60) and O (61-75).
  • The actual numbers printed on every card are random and do not follow any pattern.
Steps To Play Paper Card Bingo:
  1. Choose a number of bingo cards that can be easily managed.
  2. Listen carefully to the number called out by the caller or host of the bingo game.
  3. Check the number under suitable column on each card.
  4. If the number exists on any card, mark it with a dauber.
  5. Once the pre-decided pattern is achieved on any 1 of the cards, shout out ‘BINGO!’ before the next number is called out.
Steps To Play Electronic Bingo:
  1. Choose a machine and enter the player id.
  2. Buy a number of bingo cards.
  3. As a number is called out, punch the number in the machine.
  4. The computer scans the cards and marks the number, if found on any of the bingo cards.
  5. Follow along and shout ‘BINGO!’ before the next number is called, if the winning pattern is achieved on any card.
Texas Charity Bingo offers paper card and electronic bingo games to the players in Killeen, TX. The bingo halls offer a wide variety of game types including Coverall, Large Picture Frame, Crazy Kite, Block Of Nine, etc. The players can enjoy themed bingo games on special occasions. To know more about how to play paper card & electronic bingo, visit 211 E Hallmark Ave. Killeen, Texas - 76541 or call at (254) 554 – 5051.

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Playing Bingo Responsibly

by Administrator 28. February 2019 18:34

Playing bingo is a great way of socializing and having fun. To get the most out of a game of bingo, one should play the game responsibly. 

Playing responsibly means playing without the influence of any substance, complying with age limits, budgeting, being honest and keeping track of time. Following are few tips that may be helpful to all bingo fans who want to become responsible players:

  • Plan Ahead Of The Game: Formulating a plan before playing makes it much more fun. You can plan in advance and decide on the day that you want to visit a bingo hall with friends and/or family. Another aspect of planning is to set a budget for the game. Allocating a certain amount of money for the game gives you the confidence of being in charge of how much you spend.
  • Abide By The Rules: There are certain rules regarding the minimum age for playing bingo and these should be strictly adhered to. In addition to this, players should also be made aware of the terms and conditions of the bingo hall they are playing at.
  • Take Breaks:  Breaks are necessary for infusing excitement and fresh energy to a game of bingo. By recharging the mind and body, breaks prevent both physical and mental exhaustion. They are a good time to socialize, have snacks, freshen up and reflect on what you have gained & learnt from a game.
  • Enjoy The Experience: Bingo is not about winning each time; in fact, it is about enjoying the experience. Some people lose focus on the fun aspect and are ready to go to any extent to win. Being a responsible player involves accepting the fact that it is okay not to win and simply move on without getting frustrated or reacting negatively.
  • Be Honest And Helpful: Responsible bingo players are honest and willing to help others. A healthy competitive spirit should be maintained but not at the cost of one’s integrity. Set your limits and stick to them, stop when you are tired and be courteous while communicating with staff & other players around you.

For enjoying a game of bingo, visit Texas Charity Bingo halls located in Killeen, Harker Heights, Waco, Temple, Copperas Cove, Belton and Bryan in Texas.

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