Bingo Halls in Belton

by Administrator 27. June 2022 09:17

Savor the bingo fun with loads of rewards & lucrative jackpots at Bingo Halls in Belton. ‘Wild Card Bingo’ hall managed by Texas Charity Bingo is a land of exciting & entertaining bingo games; a great place for socializing and rejuvenation. Let us explore some prominent features of ‘Wild Card Bingo’ hall in Belton.


Located at 109 W Ave O109 W Ave O, Belton, TX - 76513, ‘Wild Card Bingo’ hall is a popular bingo hall that offers a vast range of bingo games to its players.


Open for seven days a week, ‘Wild Card Bingo’ hall unlocks its door at 06:00 p.m. The first session starts at 07:00 p.m. and the second at 08:30 p.m.


The game played at ‘Wild Card Bingo’ hall is ‘Coverall’. Coverall requires players to daub all the spaces on a card. On Sundays, the hall offers Double Bingo game to the players. 

Bingo hall in Belton offers both paper card and electronic game formats.

Paper-Based Bingo Game

Purchase a pre-printed traditional bingo paper and as the caller calls out the numbers; mark those numbers to complete the winning pattern. Enjoy the rewards & prizes!

Electronic Bingo Game

Buy a receipt slip to log into the electronic bingo. Now, daub the called numbers on the machine and pave the way for enticing rewards. With electronic bingo, you can play multiple cards at the same time.


The pricing of the Bingo paper set starts at $11 & for electronic/computer, the pricing starts at $21.


Wild Card Bingo Hall by Texas Charity Bingo is a well-lit spacious hall that provides comfortable space for players, non- smoking rooms, refreshments, dedicated assistance of staff members and safe gaming environment. The hall has galore of promotions & rewards for all the experienced bingo players as well for the newbies. For more convenience, use your rewards card at any of the Texas Charity Bingo locations to enjoy hefty discounts & freebies!


For further assistance, call (254) 939 - 1554 or visit

Texas Charity Bingo has extended support to some prestigious organizations like St. Josephs Catholic School, Clements Boys and Girls Club, Holy Family Catholic Church, Greater Killeen Community Clinic, Subhani Foundation and others.

So, start a seamless gaming journey with Texas Charity Halls!

To know more about Texas Charity Bingo Halls, browse through You can also visit Texas Charity Bingo Halls located in Killeen, Waco, Harker Heights, & Bryan.

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Bingo Halls Belton

Let’s Play Bingo in Belton, TX

by Administrator 23. September 2021 08:58

Bingo is a much loved game throughout Texas, played by people of all ages. It is much more than an entertaining game as it offers a chance to socialize as well. If you love bingo or want to start playing it and are looking for a bingo hall in Belton, TX, consider checking out Wild Card Bingo. The bingo hall offers fun bingo games at affordable prices for all kinds of players. It is a part of the Texas Charity Bingo halls, a chain of bingo halls in Central Texas.

  • The Game: The game host draws random numbers and players have to match the numbers with those printed on their cards. Players compete to create winning arrangements on their cards and the first to do so is the winner. The game is full of energy and excitement as players actively seek to attain winning combinations. Before embarking on a bingo game, it is important to know commonly used words such as caller, free space, dauber, wild numbers, odd/even coverall, etc.
  • Services and Amenities: Playing in a good bingo hall is crucial for enjoying the game to its fullest. To have maximum fun, choose a bingo hall with nice ambience with games for everyone. Wild Card Bingo, Belton, TX offers a variety of services and amenities for the comfort and convenience of bingo players The hall is well ventilated, with proper lighting and comfortable seating. You can also have snacks and refreshments at Wild Card Bingo.
  • Benefits of Playing Bingo: Bingo is a fun packed game that offers a number of other benefits to players. Players enjoy socializing with one another, they learn new skills, meet like-minded individuals, exercise their mental muscles, win exciting prizes and more. Other than these benefits, the game offers a lot of entertainment and exhilarating experiences that refresh players.
  • Choosing a Bingo Hall: For a fulfilling bingo experience, Wild Card Bingo provides flexible timings and a variety of affordable games. Staff members at Wild Card Bingo are courteous and friendly. They are always available for assisting players with information about the rules of the game and commonly used words in the game.
  • Wild Card Bingo: The bingo hall is located at 109 W Ave O, Belton, TX 76513 and is open for seven days a week. It is famously known for Coverall Bingo among other entertaining bingo games like pyramid, arrowhead and blackout. The bingo hall also hosts electronic bingo games on electronic bingo machines at the bingo hall. Extra games like Pull Tabs are also offered for more fun.
For more information about Wild Card Bingo hall in Belton, TX, contact at (254) 939-1554.

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Bingo Halls Belton

Know About Bingo Games in Belton

by Administrator 24. October 2019 12:23

Bingo is an exciting game enjoyed by numerous players as a means of unwinding stress, socializing and having fun. Texas Charity Bingo offers a wide range of bingo games at its bingo hall in Belton, TX. The hall offers slow call bingo games, weekly jackpots, freebies, discounts and reward cards.

Various features of bingo games are:

  • Bingo Game Card: The card has 25 randomly numbered squares which are arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns. The word ‘BINGO’ is written across the top with each alphabet labeling a column. The player is required to mark the squares according to the number called out by the host. As a player marks all the squares required by the game pattern, he is declared the winner.
  • Number Of Game Cards: Each player requires at least one bingo game card. Players can also opt for multiple game cards as long as they can keep a track of all the numbers on different cards. Playing with multiple cards have increased probability of winning the game.
  • Read The Rules: Bingo players are advised to have thorough knowledge about the rules of the game. The bingo hall has set rules to define the games they offer, prizes for the games, play timings, etc. Enquire about the things that are allowed inside the bingo hall well in advance.
  • Coverall Game Pattern: This game offered by the hall is also known as blackout which requires players to daub all spaces within a certain number of calls. The game is played till any player wins, irrespective of the number of balls called.

Bingo is a game that keeps players entertained for hours while offering them myriad benefits such as sharpening cognitive skills and improving social life. The Bingo halls are well-ventilated, spacious, well-lit and also have non-smoking rooms. To enjoy the experience to the fullest, make it a point to prepare in advance, arrive early, choose a spot, go through the rules, be alert, accustom yourself to the hall and maintain bingo hall etiquette.

Texas Charity Bingo offers quality bingo games to the players in Belton, TX. Both electronic and paper card bingo game format is offered to bingo enthusiasts. For more details about bingo games in Belton, visit 109 W. Ave. O, Belton, Texas – 76513. You can also call at (254) 939 – 1554.

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Bingo Halls Belton

Know The Bingo Masters

by Administrator 16. July 2019 15:32

Bingo masters are the regular players who have learnt different strategies to maximize their chances of winning at a bingo hall. Although, players agree that luck plays an important role in winning a bingo game, there are numerous other factors which should be considered. 

Some tips and tricks to familiarize yourself with the game are: 

  • Arrive Early: A common trait of bingo masters is to arrive early at the bingo hall. The purpose of doing so is to choose the right seat, preparing bingo cards, setting up good-luck trinkets, if any, grabbing a snack and having plenty of time to settle. 
  • Have The Right Mindset: Experienced bingo players know the value of having the right mindset when playing. Bingo experts understand that winning and losing are essential parts of the game and take the latter in a positive way instead of feeling discouraged.
  • Prepare: Be prepared to deal with situations like slippery tables as they can be distracting. Carry supplies like adhesive tape and glue stick to solve the problem. 
  • Choose A Good Sitting Spot: Bingo masters suggest that sitting closer to the caller is important as this helps in avoiding distractions and being able to listen to the caller effectively. 
  • Be Alert: Being alert while playing the game ensures that one does not miss any numbers and yells “bingo” at the right time i.e. before the next number is called by the caller.
  • Know The Rules: Knowing the rules of a bingo hall in advance significantly improves one’s game. Those who know the rules are usually efficient in steering away from marking wrong patterns and getting involved in situations that are against the rules. 
  • Speak-Up: During the game, if you feel the caller is very fast at calling the numbers and you cannot keep up with the speed, do not hesitate to speak-up and let the caller know. However, it is important to be polite to the caller.
  • Notice The Pattern: The trick to keep up with the caller without losing track of your pattern is to mark the squares that you need. This helps in focusing on important numbers and not getting distracted by the irrelevant ones.
  • Advice From Experts: Do not refrain from taking advice from a bingo master or experiences player. You may learn new strategies that have been gained over years of playing bingo and use them to improve your game.

Texas Charity Bingo offers a variety of bingo games to players. Players can enjoy both paper card and electronic bingo games at bingo hall in Belton, TX. For more information on fun bingo games, visit 109 W. Ave. O Belton, Texas – 76513.

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Bingo Halls Belton

Playing At Bingo Halls: Do’s and Don’ts

by Administrator 27. August 2018 20:27

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Bingo Halls Belton

Avoid These Bingo Blunders

by Administrator 18. August 2017 23:14

Bingo is an exciting game of chance that is loved by people of all age groups. Bingo halls are often swarming with people who want to enjoy recreational time with family and friends while indulging in a good game of bingo. Although bingo rules can slightly differ from one hall to another, the basic premises still remains very simple. However, there are still chances of committing errors while playing a game of bingo. Some of the common bingo blunders that need to be avoided are:

  • Not speaking out aloud: When you get the right combination or the complete square of numbers, it is important to shout out ‘Bingo’. Not doing so can make you lose the game and give someone else the chance to get their hands on the rewards. So, don’t be hesitant and make sure that the play caller listens when you say ‘Bingo’.
  • Not understanding the rules: All the bingo halls have minor alterations in the rules and regulations for playing a game of bingo. Even if you are an experienced player, it is best to know the rules before playing at a new hall. This will ensure that you capitalize well on the rules and use them for your maximum benefit.
  • Not paying enough attention: While playing in a bingo hall, it is imperative that you fully concentrate on the game and do not indulge in any kind of conversations with fellow players. Doing so can take away your focus from the game and reduce your chances of winning. Also, keep alcohol at bay as this can also affect your concentration levels.
  • Playing without a budget: It is essential to manage your budget before you start playing the game of bingo. Mishandling your money is one of the biggest blunders and should be avoided at all costs. Always set aside a budget and stick to it while playing bingo. It is important to stop once you have exhausted your set budget and try your luck on some other day.
  • Playing single card at a time: Another common mistake made by bingo players is that of playing a single card at a time. In fact, it is essential to play as many cards as possible at one time in order to maximize the chances of winning. A player can easily handle 3-5 cards even if he is new to the game. So, avoid playing only one card and go in for multiple cards. This will also make the game more interesting.
  • Focusing on the highest jackpot: It is crucial to know that going in for a higher jackpot will automatically lower your chances of winning. Since more people aim for a higher jackpot, the increase in competition always reduces your odds of winning the game of bingo. Therefore, always try to look for a game with lesser prize money as this will increase your winning percentage. 

Bingo enthusiasts in Belton can visit Wildcard Bingo to enjoy exciting games. Our bingo hall is located at 109 W Ave O, Belton, TX 76513.

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Bingo Halls Belton

Know More About Electronic Bingo

by Administrator 21. July 2017 23:48

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Bingo Halls Belton


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