Variations Of Bingo In Texas

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Bingo in Texas is a much-loved game by people of all age groups; be it youngsters or the elderly. It offers many social as well as mental benefits to the individuals who play it regularly. But if you want to be a pro at this interesting game, you need to be aware about the variations in it. Following are listed the different types of bingo that are fun to learn as well as play.

  • There are basically two types of bingo, and these are: 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. The numbers in these two types correspond to the number of balls that are used in the game.
  • The second variation is horizontal bingo, wherein you have to complete a full horizontal line of numbers on your ticket. Make sure that you pay full attention to the person who is calling out the numbers; else you might miss out on a particular number.
  • Another popular type of bingo variation is the vertical bingo. Here, you have to mark all the numbers in a straight but vertical line on your ticket. Just keep in mind whether you are looking out for numbers from top to bottom or vice versa.
  • Diagonal bingo involves completing a line of numbers on the ticket in a diagonal pattern. This can be done either from the top right to the bottom left or from top left to the bottom right.
  • Coverall bingo is also one of the very popular types of bingo games. The other name for it is Blackout bingo. But you must keep in mind that this it is one of the toughest patterns to complete. Due to this reason, the game of bingo can stretch to a longer period of time. But nevertheless, it is one of the most entertaining types of bingo where the suspense element is present till the last moment.
  • If you want to go in for something a bit simpler, then pattern bingo is something you must know about. Here, the number of patterns that are available actually depends on whether you are playing a 75 or 90 ball bingo. A pattern is shown to you in advance and you have to exactly replicate it on your bingo cards. All the information is provided beforehand; including the pattern, the way it must look and at what position it has to be present on the cards.
  • Last but not the least; another variation in the exciting game of bingo is multiple winners. As is clear by the name, here the prize money is equally divided between two winners; if the game has more than one. Multiple bingo winners are fairly common in the 90 ball bingo but less common in a 75 ball game bingo.

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