Celebrating New Year Eve At A Bingo Hall

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Texas Bingo Hall

The Joy Of Charity At Texas Charity Bingo Halls

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Texas Bingo Hall

Texas Charity Bingo: Fun-Filled Bingo Halls In Texas

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Texas Bingo Hall

Facts About Bingo Daubers

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A bingo dauber is a pen used to mark the numbers being called during a game of bingo. Daubers can also be called dabbers or dobbers. They are an intrinsic part of bingo as a tool, an accessory and for some even their good luck charm.

Listed below are some interesting facts about daubers that every avid bingo player should know:

  • Characteristics Of A Dauber: A special characteristic of a dauber is a distinct round circle they make which looks like a bingo chip. It is a little plastic bottle with a sponge-tip that is filled with non-toxic and non-staining ink. Daubers usually contain around 45 ml of ink but are also available with a capacity of 80-120ml of ink which can last from 4 to 8 sessions of bingo without being re-filled.
  • History: Bingo originated in Italy in the 1500s and spread to parts of Europe in 1700s. During this period, players marked their cards with beans. In the early 20th century, when bingo made its way to North America and gained immense popularity, people progressed to using cards with sliding windows and brightly colored plastic disks. It was in the late 20th century that daubers came about.
  • Types Of Daubers: Daubers are available in a variety of themes, colors and shapes to suit different personalities. They can also be customized to reflect your personality. There are disposable daubers, novelty daubers, plain daubers, daubers with different nibs e.g. simple round nibs or nibs with the shape of the sun, stars, moon, etc.
  • A Good Bingo Dauber: A good dauber’s ink is transparent and flows freely. One should be able to see the numbers after they’ve been marked. The dauber should be a big and colorful one. In the end, it should feel good to you.
  • Types Of Inks For Daubers: In addition to the affordable standard bingo ink, one can also use fluorescent daubers in magenta, purple, pink, aqua, lime green, coral, teal, orange, etc. These colors are a favorite among younger players. The colors are non-toxic and can be safely used by players who have kids around. An interesting observation regarding daubers is that the color used by many players is purple.
  • Where To Get Daubers From: Daubers cannot be found at stores. They are available at bingo halls and on online portals as well.

Texas Charity Bingo has numerous bingo halls all across Texas that organize paper card and electronic bingo for bingo players. For more information, log on to http://www.texascharitybingo.com/

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Texas Bingo Hall

Steps To Play Bingo Effectively

by Administrator 21. August 2018 13:40

Bingo is often considered a game of luck. However, there are certain factors which make some players more effective than others. Players who take these steps seriously and follow them religiously have greater chances of winning. Anyone interested in raising the bar of success at the next bingo game can do so by following the following steps:

  1. Prepare: The first and foremost step to a successful bingo game is to prepare yourself for the game. This requires the player to arrive at least half an hour before the game starts. There are players who arrive one or two hours prior to the beginning of a session. On arriving, purchase your cards, relax and talk to those around, have some refreshments and set up your space. Everything you may need during the game should be close by e.g. your phone, a drink, etc.
  2. Arrange Important Supplies: Supplies like highlighters, bingo daubers, masking tape, glue stick, and even lucky charms can greatly increase the chance of success in the game. Bingo daubers help players mark the numbers which have been called. Masking tapes help secure the cards together so that you don’t have to waste time adjusting them. With all your essential supplies around, you are likely to be less distracted.
  3. Choose A Seat: It is believed that choice of a seat in a game of bingo has a huge impact on the performance of player. It is best to sit close to the caller. This will help you remain focused and listen to the numbers clearly. Try to sit on a seat with minimal distraction in order to stay away from talkative players and friends.
  4. Be Alert: It is crucial to remain alert during a bingo game as missing out on even one number has the potential of pushing you further away from winning. A little bit of light exercise prior to a game of bingo can be helpful in stimulating your senses. Also Take scheduled breaks.
  5. Useful Strategies: There are certain strategies for making a bingo game more effective. Some strategies are:
  • Play with more cards or buy few cards and play more games.
  • Use a highlighter to mark your cards in special pattern games.
  • Choose cards with not many common numbers
  • Select cards with an even distribution of numbers and a symmetric order (Granville’s strategy)

Texas Charity Bingo has numerous bingo halls all across Texas that organize fun filled games for bingo enthusiasts. For more information, log on to http://www.texascharitybingo.com/

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Texas Bingo Hall

Bingo Games For Everyone

by Administrator 21. February 2018 13:43

A fun and social game, bingo is enjoyed by both the young and old alike. There are a large variety of games to choose from as per ones interest. Adults love it for socializing with others while youngsters see it as a good way to unwind and bond with new and old friends.

In a game of Bingo, numbered cards are handed over to the players after which balls with numbers are drawn. You have to match the numbers drawn with those on your card. The first to match the numbers is the winner. It is a relaxing luck-based game.

Here are some reasons why bingo is one of the most loved game across all genres and age groups.

  • Playing bingo offers an amazing platform to socialize and make new friends. Socializing comes easily while playing bingo as it is devoid of the pressure of starting a conversation. Players naturally get into a chatty and light mode while playing bingo.
  • Bingo is easy to play. The rules are very simple. That’s the main reason why it is so popular amongst the young and old players.
  • Many people love bingo for the thrill it offers. Players are in constant suspense each time a number is drawn. This keeps players alert and high-spirited. The whole energy becomes positive and youthful.
  • There’s no pressure to do well as it’s based on sheer luck. Winning exciting prizes is an added advantage to being lucky. It’s all about having fun, laughing, taking a chance and having a great time with a bunch of young hearted folks.
  • Anyone can play bingo. There’s no limitation on the age, profession, gender or job type. Youngsters, old people, executives, mothers, doctors, lawyers etc., all enjoy playing bingo to bits. In fact the best thing about bingo is that it brings people of all age groups together.
  • Bingo contributes to social causes too and some people love it for this. Churches and charitable institutions use bingo to raise funds for a noble cause. Millions of needy people have received immense help from these funds. So in addition to relaxing and having a great time, you know you are giving back to the world in some way.

There are plenty of variations and varieties to a bingo game. This ensures there’s never a dull moment while playing. Players can play a new game every day if they wish to. There are just a few differences between the games, the rules being almost the same for each. Common bingo games are roll on bingo, lucky number bingo, pattern bingo, 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo and much more. The games vary in terms of duration, some being longer and others shorter, elements of mystery, number of prizes, etc. Players can choose whatever suits their fancy.

To play exciting bingo games, visit Texas Charity Bingo halls at various locations. For more information, log on to http://www.texascharitybingo.com/

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Texas Bingo Hall

Types Of Players In A Bingo Hall

by Administrator 31. January 2018 15:18

Playing bingo is so much fun. However, there are different types of players in a bingo hall. Each one has certain characteristics which form a part of their personality.

Mastering the skill of evaluating the different personality types in a bingo room will ensure you have a gala time as you play and socialize with like-minded people. Bingo halls are also a great platform for making new lasting friendships.

Let’s explore the different types of players likely to be found in bingo halls:

1. Veteran Player
Players who have been participants for many years fall under this category. If you need some real tips on how to master bingo, such a player would be your best guide. Veteran players know the game very well, so if you are a newbie who wants a few strategies up your sleeve, try sitting next to a veteran player the next time you visit a bingo hall.

2. Newbies
As the name suggests, a newbie is a player who has just stepped into the world of bingo. Newbies are an excited and energetic lot. Anyone with an overly enthusiastic demeanor in the bingo hall is likely to be a newbie. They add fresh energy to a bingo hall.

3. Braggers
These are the loud ones. They are spotted shouting and screaming at each victory. Needless to say, they are the life of a bingo hall. They keep the energy flowing and the excitement soaring. After all, the whole point of a bingo hall is to let go off all inhibitions and have the best time possible.

4. Blabbermouths
They are the chirpy and chatty ones. They simply can’t stop talking and are usually friendly and outgoing in nature.  Well, bingo is meant for socializing as per these folks and why not? You might learn a thing or two from these knowledgeable players who have a lot to say. This category of players is usually the most popular one in the room. They are great motivators and like to uplift everyone’s mood.

5. The Superstitious Ones
You might see some troll dolls, gemstones, small beanbag animals etc. lying on their table. They make sure that they carry their lucky charm along. Some others might also be superstitious about having or not having a specific number on their card. They tend to play extremely cautiously and are likely to correlate what’s going on around them with their performance.

6. Strategists
Spot a person with graphs, plans and the like and you know that’s a strategist. They are not the types who share tips and tricks with others. They are extremely focused on winning by any means.

7. The Serious Ones
These players don’t mingle much and are usually spotted sitting all alone. They mean business.

To play exciting bingo games, visit Texas Charity Bingo halls at various locations. For more information, log on to http://www.texascharitybingo.com/

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Texas Bingo Hall

Tips To Choose The Best Bingo Hall

by Administrator 20. December 2017 17:57

Just like any other game, bingo is meant to offer excitement and a refreshing change from routine life. However, the positive effects that one experiences from a game of bingo are directly proportional to the kind of bingo hall. A good bingo hall can make a world of a difference to the quality of fun and enjoyment that a player experiences. It should be a hall you look forward to visit and spend a day playing and socializing.

Here are some tips to find the best bingo hall in town:

Spacious And Comfortable

When choosing a bingo hall, the first thing to consider is the level of comfort it offers. In addition to playing, you will be interacting with old and new friends and might end up chatting for a long period of time. The seating arrangement in a bingo hall should be ample and comfortable. Do you feel as comfortable and relaxed as you would have felt at your home? If yes, then that’s the bingo hall for you.

Well Ventilated Rooms

The best bingo halls are well ventilated and have clean play areas. Considering that bingo halls are enclosed, and you will be staying inside for a couple of hours playing and socializing, the air you breathe in should be clean. Hygiene is also important. Look for a hall that prioritizes cleanliness. Ensure that the restrooms are well kempt and clean.

Cash Prizes And Jackpots

You intend to spend your precious time and energy at a bingo hall so the prizes offered should be equally special. Each bingo hall has different amount of cash prizes, free bonuses, monthly promotions and jackpots to offer. If you are playing at a charity bingo hall, higher cash prizes will give a greater sense of satisfaction. Also the amount will be utilized for the welfare of the world in one way or another. So in addition to enjoying yourself, you are also contributing to a social cause indirectly.


An ideal bingo hall has something for everyone. A bingo hall that offers a variety of thrilling pattern games is the best option. There should be both paper card and electronic bingo games so that there is something for people of all age groups. More games imply less boredom and greater fun.

Friendly And Helpful Staff

This is really important. Do some research before choosing a bingo hall and ask about the staff. If the staff is good, your experience will be good and vice versa. Observe the working and communication skills of the staff. The key indicators of good staff are a cheerful demeanor and efficiency in taking orders and serving.

To play exciting bingo games, visit Texas Charity Bingo halls at various locations. For more information, log on to http://www.texascharitybingo.com/

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Texas Bingo Hall

Playing Strategies To Win More Bingo Games

by Administrator 30. November 2017 19:07

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Texas Bingo Hall

Best Charity Bingo Halls In Texas

by Administrator 5. November 2017 17:24

Bingo is a game that gives the players an opportunity to have unlimited fun, socialize and rejuvenate themselves. Only a bingo fanatic knows the joy of yelling BINGO. Texas Charity Bingo has various bingo halls all across Texas which organizes bingo games and the funds so raised are used for charitable and philanthropic purposes.

Come and play bingo all day because Texas Charity Bingo allows you to have fun along with serving for a noble cause.

48 Bingo : Located in Killeen, TX this bingo hall enables players to enjoy 17 games along with jackpot prizes up to $700. The spacious bingo hall has something to offer to everyone.

Bingo Barn : Players in Bryan, TX can enjoy the experience of playing bingo at Bingo Barn. It organizes various themed bingo games. The hall also organizes special bonus session on Friday’s.

Charity 1 Bingo : This Copperas Cove based charity bingo hall is every bingo enthusiast’s delight. The well ventilated bingo halls are an ideal place to play bingo and have ultimate fun.

Charity 2 Bingo : Located in the heart of Copperas Cove, this bingo hall offers both paper card and electronic bingo for the convenience of the players.

Charity 3 Bingo : This charity bingo hall is located in Killeen, TX. Enjoy unlimited fun – filled bingo games at their hall with wide screens and a comfortable environment. 

Franklin Bingo : Franklin Bingo hall located in Waco, TX organizes various themed bingo games on occasions of Halloween, Christmas Eve etc.

Jackpot Bingo : Jackpot Bingo hall located in Harker Heights, TX allows you to win cash prizes along with providing entertainment and socializing opportunities. The bingo hall is spacious and well ventilated.

Playland Bingo : Players at Playland Bingo hall can enjoy snacks and drinks while playing. The Killeen based bingo hall is the place where one can have ultimate fun and rejuvenate one’s mind.

Redmen Bingo : A great way to socialize, this bingo hall organizes bingo games for the bingo lovers. Based in Killeen, the bingo hall has super friendly and helpful staff.

Wildcard Bingo : Belton, TX based bingo hall provides endless fun and entertainment opportunities. Players can win cash prizes and jackpots while playing bingo games. The fund raised from bingo games are donated to various charities and non-profit organizations.

Visit, Texas Charity Bingo halls at any of the above mentioned locations and enjoy both paper card and electronic bingo. Be ready to dive into ultimate fun and enjoy a myriad variety of bingo games with your near and dear ones.


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