Bingo: A Cognitive Activity For Elderly

by Administrator 19. November 2015 21:00

Bingo is an excellent game to keep the elderly engaged and happy. Though the game is enjoyed by people of all ages, the elderly can particularly benefit from it owing to the excitement that it brings to their life. Besides entertaining them, the game also boosts their mental, physical and emotional health. They experience laughter and fun with the fellow bingo players. Bingo stimulates the mind and elevates the mood; thus reducing stress as well as depression among the elderly

Here are some benefits of bingo for elderly:

  • Improve reflexes and coordination: As one ages, the reflexes and coordination skills start to decline. Bingo helps in improving hand and eye coordination, as it requires the players to identify the called numbers quickly and mark them on the cards. One has to act quickly otherwise he may miss marking a number; thus, improving the reflexes and coordination. Bingo also improves the attention and concentration among elderly.
  • Enhance cognitive abilities: Bingo requires the players to be alert and have mental flexibility so that they can identify the number and strike it off quickly. The game boosts the short-term memory. The elderly who play bingo are able to retain information and rate high on mental speed and memory tests.
  • Improved social interaction: For staying healthy and cheerful, it is essential for the seniors to remain socially active. Regular social interactions help them remain happy and live longer. Bingo halls offer the elderly people an opportunity to meet new people and develop friendships.
  • Accelerate healing: Bingo has a positive effect on elders recovering from any illness or surgery.  The seniors who play bingo regularly during recovery tend to have short hospital stays and have quick healing.
  • Improve physical health: Seniors stay relaxed when they play the number game and this makes their body experience many hormonal changes, which boosts the immune system and relieves stress. It is observed that elders who play bingo laugh more and stay healthy. They remain in a stable emotional, mental and physical state.

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