Bingo Game Patterns

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The game of Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most popular games worldwide. The bingo patterns may be simple or complicated. There are few "crazy" patterns" which means that the pattern can be pointing in any direction. For the unaccustomed players, the trick is to keep the game simple by splitting up the patterns into small portions.

STRAIGHT LINE PATTERNS: There are various straight line patterns which may comprise of a combination of   horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. One-line bingo can be won by finishing any single line whereas the double line bingo requires two straight lines which don't have to be parallel necessarily. There are also some of the line combination patterns like a bow tie or asterisk etc. 

LUCKY SEVEN PATTERNS: This pattern is a double bingo that constitutes the number seven consisting of a horizontal and a diagonal edge. 

BLOCK OF EIGHT PATTERNS: It includes a block of eight numbers i.e. two rows each of four squares. 

LETTER PATTERNS: These patterns take the shape of some alphabet.

KITE/ARROW PATTERNS: This is a classification of the postage stamp which includes any one corner and a diagonal till the opposite corner. 

COVERALL, ODD-EVEN AND SPEEDBALL PATTERNS: In coverall the player attempts to scratch the 24 numbered spaces in limited number of calls as settled before the game starts. If this does not take place then the further process can be decided later by the bingo caller.

Odd-even is a variation in coverall where the player is told to mark either odd or even numbers. 

Speedball is another form of coverall in which the bingo caller speedily calls out the numbers. 

AMERICAN FLAG/CASTLE PATTERNS: This pattern includes three top horizontal lines and a corner vertical line either on right or left. 

POSTAGE STAMP PATTERNS: In this the corners of the card need to be scratched so as to win. The number of corners is defined in the name of the pattern. 

PICTURE FRAME PATTERNS: This frame includes every single edge of the card. 

DIAMOND PATTERNS: The pattern reads the shape of a diamond with the center of each edge constituting a part of the pattern. 

SNAKE PATTERNS: It comprises of five squares making a zigzag line which begins with the 2nd square of 1st column.

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