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Bingo is a popular game in the US. Being a game of luck, bingo is often associated with many superstitions. Players often rely on an array of lucky charms, which they believe will bring luck and help them hit the jackpot. Here are some of the common lucky charms that most people use while playing the game.

  • Lucky seats: If a player wins consistently, he often considers his seat lucky and prefers to sit at that particular spot every time he plays the game. If you are new to a bingo hall, you may notice that some players insist on sitting on a specific seat. The players prefer to be comfortable and relaxed when they are playing bingo.
  • Number Seven: Number seven has always been linked to good fortune and prosperity; therefore, people prefer to play with cards that include this number. Many players even keep a slip with number seven in their pocket to bring good luck. A lot of them also buy pens, magnets, jewelry, key chains and other accessories with number seven.
  • Four leaf clovers: A four-leaf clover is considered lucky and carried by most players when they visit a bingo hall. The three leaves represent hope, faith, love and the fourth one, which is quite rare, represents luck. People in the past believed that the clover with four leaves has magical powers and it protects from diseases.
  • Golden Fortune cat: A bingo lucky charm that is hugely popular in Texas is the golden fortune cat. The cat has a moving hand that knocks back and forth, whereas, other parts are stationary. The model is available in an array of colors shapes and sizes. Keeping the cat on your table while playing may bring you fortune and help you win a jackpot.
  • Cinnamon sticks: The cinnamon sticks are also a lucky charm, so, next time when you visit the bingo hall, keep a few cinnamon sticks in your pocket. These are believed to bring in good luck in cases where money and coincidence are involved. The charm can make you hit the bingo jackpot and win huge amounts of money.
  • The Badger tooth: Often players wear a badger tooth in a necklace and keep it on the left side near the heart to bring loads of luck. This animal-related good luck charm is quite popular among regular bingo players.

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