Bingo Terminology For Novice Players

by Administrator 11. June 2014 19:42

Bingo is an extremely entertaining and fun game which can be enjoyed by everyone. While giving players a chance to relax and unwind, the game of Bingo also provides people with a nice environment to meet each other, exchange pleasantries and make new acquaintances. The game of bingo is easy to learn and there are no difficult techniques to master, thus making it easy for people to relax and get adequate stress relief while indulging in a fun and interesting game. For newcomers, things can become easier if they know some of the technical terms and jargon associated with the game of bingo. Here are some necessary terms that you need to know when playing bingo.

  • Admission Packet – The minimum number of cards you will need to purchase to gain admission to a particular game of bingo. The amount varies from one Bingo hall to another and usually ranges from 3 to up to 6 cards.
  • Bingo Card – The card that every player needs to carry during a bingo game. The card usually is divided into five rows and five columns, with random numbers in 24 of these boxes and one free or empty box. Each player has cards with unique combinations of numbers which are never duplicated.
  • Blackout – A scenario where you need to cover the entire card to score a win in the particular game. This requires most of the 75 numbers to be called before a win is recorded.
  • Bingo Marker or Dauber – This is an ink filled pen with a tip made of foam or felt or a crayon which is used to mark called numbers on a bingo card.
  • Flimsy and Hard Cards – Bingo cards can be printed onto thin sheets of paper or hard material like cardboard. Cards printed on thin paper are called flimsy cards and those printed on harder material are called hard cards.
  • Early Bird Game –  A game that is usually held before the start of the scheduled games for the day. This is also known as a Warm Up.
  • Split Pot – A game where the winner splits the total winnings from the game with the bingo hall. For these games, the percentage of the total winnings that is to be shared is predetermined.
  • Texas Blackout – A particular variation of bingo where if the first called number is even then all the even numbers on your card turned into wild cards. If the first number is odd then all the odd numbers become wild cards. The game then progresses as usual.

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