Celebrate Thanksgiving Day With Bingo Halls

by Administrator 19. November 2012 08:00

The harvest festival of Thanksgiving is celebrated mainly in America and Canada. The days for Thanksgiving are scheduled as the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada. This event is linked with the survival of early Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts, with the help of the local Native American population.  It is celebrated every year and children get opportunity to learn about their history. There is a federal holiday to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Several other activities like a Thanksgiving dinner, parades, and American football games are often held during this celebration time. Since all members of the family gather in one place to have Thanksgiving dinner (a stuffed turkey), bingo associated with Thanksgiving is usually enjoyed by each of the family members at their homes or local bingo halls.

The local bingo halls can be seen dressed up for celebrating the occasion of Thanksgiving. Families and friends gather in bingo halls for getting entertained and have a lot of fun together. These bingo halls not only entice elderly folks for enjoying Thanksgiving bingo games, also have various fun activities for children of all ages. These are often accompanied with varies eateries and other fast food stalls for getting entire pleasure of this wonderful occasion.

The Thanksgiving bingo game, which is the main event of the bingo halls, is played just like normal bingo games. The only difference between the two lies in the bingo cards. Instead of numbers on the bingo cards, special words and phrases related to Thanksgiving are printed on them. The host of the game starts the game by calling out the different words and phrases. A player searches for the name or phrase that has been called on his card and marks it with a pen or a marker. The rest of the game is played like normal bingo game. The winners are applauded with good amount of prizes whether cash or some other materialistic prize like laptop or mobiles. The grand prizes increase the joy and excitement of playing Thanksgiving bingo with near and dear ones.

It is also seen that various charitable trusts and organizations come forward during these times of celebrations to arrange for bingo events. They do so in order to raise funds for their charities. It is also seen that during such festive seasons a lot of people accumulate to play Thanksgiving bingo games in the charity bingo halls and indirectly donate money to different charities.

We at Texas Charity Bingo halls are organizing special bingo events for Thanksgiving. So come and join the fun! You can call us at (254)-634-2143 for more details.

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