Charity Bingo: How It Works

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Bingo is an exciting game played by many people all over. The game has simple rules and all players try to win the jackpot. They can play with one or multiple cards depending on their individual comfort level. Various variations of the game are popular including charity bingo as it helps organizations, churches and companies raise funds for a charitable purpose. Many bingo halls organize charity bingo on special occasions or on weekends and attract many players.

Difference between charity bingo and other bingo games

Charity bingo is similar to other bingo games in terms of the way the game is played. However the difference is that certain percentage of the money generated through the game is passed on to registered charities and community causes. The rules of playing and the format are usually the same.

Where the prize money goes?

A percentage of the gathered money is given to the charity that is registered with the hall. The idea of contributing to the society attracts many people to play bingo for charity. The game of charity bingo is not only fun and good for socializing but also comes with a feel good factor. Even the money spent on food and drinks goes to the charities, which aim at helping people. Bingo is one of the most fun ways to raise funds required for any noble cause.

How Charity Bingo Works

The bingo halls sometimes offer charity events in association with local businesses who sponsor the prizes. The hall also registers some charities that work at local or national level for a helpful cause. They organize the game and tickets are sold to the players. The staff at the bingo hall informs the players about the rules and announces the prizes. Every charity bingo game has some terms and conditions that apply to all the players. Certain percentage of the collections, as decided previously, is handed over to the charity. The players can even contribute a part or all of their winning to the charity.

However not all bingo halls offer charity bingo games. Only authorized bingo halls that are registered can host charity events. You should also confirm that they are associated with the charity.

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