Common Terminology Used In Bingo Halls

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We all know that every game has its own jargon which facilitates easy communication amongst the players while the game is being played.

Bingo is no exception. This game has a number of peculiar terminologies which are used by the bingo players. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Breaking the bubble: The bubble refers to the least number of balls which are required to complete the bingo pattern. Whenever a player reaches bingo using the least number of balls to complete the bingo pattern, it is termed as ‘breaking the bubble’.
  • Wild numbers: These numbers enable the players to start with multiple called numbers.
  • Ready/Waiting: Whenever a person is just one number away from completing the bingo pattern and win the game, he/ she are said to be ready, waiting, cased or set.
  • Jumping the gun: When a player shouts ‘bingo’ before having a valid bingo or out of eagerness of the next number to be called out, the situation is called jumping the gun.
  • False alarm: It is very similar to jumping the gun. Whenever a player calls bingo and has not completed the bingo pattern, it is termed as false alarm/bongo/social error. It often happens when the players mishear the called out number.
  • Standard:  The numbers ending with the second digit of the first number called out is a standard number.
  • Forward/backward: This refers to the numbers which are either beginning or ending with the wild numbers.
  • Crying number: Once the game of bingo is wrapped up and is officially closed, the numbers which would have been drawn next are termed as crying numbers.
  • Wrap up: This term refers to the last game of a session.

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