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Before you start playing the exciting game of Bingo, make sure that you know all the rules and regulations of the game. These can be easily found in books related to the game or online forums, blogs and informative websites.

If you are new to the game of Bingo, read on to get familiar with different terms used while playing it.

  • Playing cards: These are the exclusive cards with printed numbers that are given to players. 5x5 matrix cards, these contain space for 25 printed numbers and are available in series of 6000 or 9000 cards in the market.
  • Bingo Marker: The numbers printed on game cards are covered with a crayon as the game proceeds.
  • Blackout: This is one of the patterns of the game that are among the final desirables. For getting a Blackout, players have to cover all the numbers in their bingo playing card.  Out of the total 75, 50 to 60 numbers have to be called out.
  • Caller: As the numbers get drawn, the individual who calls out bingo ball numbers is known as caller.
  • Cash-In-Prize: This is a form of Bingo where a cash prize is given to the winner. The amount of such a prize is determined on the basis of total money paid in.
  • Coverall: In this kind of Bingo, a player has to cover all the printed numbers on the game card according to the numbers being called out.
  • Dauber: It is a marker that is used to mark all the numbers that have been called on the Bingo playing cards. An ink-filled bottle or pen with a foam tip, the dauber works easily and marks clearly on touch.
  • Early Bird Game: Started before the regular game, this is the first game of the session. The Early Bird Game is also known as the Warm Up Bingo game.
  • Face: The format of the Bingo playing card having 24 numbers and a single free space in the middle is known as Face.
  • Four Corners: A desired pattern which consists of four corner numbers of the playing card. All these numbers have to be covered to win the game.

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