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In order to make your experience of playing bingo a fulfilling one, there are certain rules and regulations that must be applied to the hall so everyone can have a good time. Following are some questions that may arise in patron’s minds.

How is bingo played?

Bingo is a game of chance where players are supposed to strike out numbers that are being called out. Whenever the combination is achieved (all numbers are cut in the particular combination) the player needs to shout ‘Bingo!’ in order to claim the prize.

Who is a caller?

Caller is the person designated by the bingo hall to call out the numbers. The final call on who is the right claimant for the prize rests on his shoulders.

Are prize winning combinations changed every day?

Yes. They are announced at the start of the game. It is advised that you reach the bingo hall early to become aware of all rules and regulations.

What if I shout bingo but all my numbers are not struck correctly?

In such a case, your ticket will become invalid and you may not be allowed to play further.

What days are bingo halls closed?

Bingo halls remain closed on all holidays like Easter, Christmas, Remembrance Sunday and Good Friday. A notice is put outside to inform patrons. Players can also follow the social media accounts of their favorite bingo hall to stay updated about the game schedules.

Do I need to bring a photo ID proof?

Yes. In case of a big jackpot win, bingo hall hosts will need to see a photo ID proof to declare the winners.

How are disputes decided?

There are generally no disputes as the rules are fairly laid out at the start of each game. However, the final say remains with the bingo manager.

Are under 18s allowed inside the hall?

On some busy days, entry of kids may be restricted. You may check online to confirm such days.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can buy in a game?

No. You may buy any number of tickets that you think you can manage.

Am I allowed to bring in guests?

Yes. They will need to buy their own tickets in order to play.

Can I smoke inside the bingo hall?

There is a special space earmarked for smokers where they could go for a smoke. It helps to make non smokers feel comfortable.

Are snacks allowed inside the hall?

Most bingo halls in Texas permit snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

For any other queries about bingo game, feel free to contact Texas Charity Bingo at (979) 779 – 2871. You can also visit our bingo hall in Bryan, TX to play exciting bingo games and win attractive prizes. We are located at 1018 S Texas Ave, Bryan, TX   77803.

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