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Bingo is one of the most popular games played in the world. The game is more popular in Britain and United States, where they are played in large halls. Bingos played at large halls are called as traditional bingo and is being played for over a century. There are various names and terms being used in traditional bingo. These names are called as bingo calls. The bingo calls are used so that the caller can clearly refer to the number. Bingo calls can be of different use, they may have political or biblical significance, or some rhyme with the number.

Each of the numbers in the bingo game is been given a phrase or meaning. The terms are usually based on the rhyming slang. For example, 78 is called as “Heaven’s Gate”, 40 as naughty forty, 41 as time for fun. The terms are also based on the shape of the numbers. 88 looks like “Two Fat ladies”, 2 looks like a swan’s neck and 22 looks like two little ducks. Similarly, 3 looks like a flea and 7 is a little crutch. Sometimes, the terms of a bingo is also formed by saying combining two numbers, such as 87 is called as fat lady on a crutch.

Some of the important variations or bingo calls are described below

  • The number 1 is called as Kelly’s eye, originated from Army days.
  • 9 is called as Doctor’s order, also originated from British Army, the army doctors used to give a pill known as Number 9.
  • Number 23 refers to the psalm 23 in the Bible which says “The lord is my shepherd”.
  • Number 26 is called as Bed and breakfast. The traditional price of bed and breakfast accommodation in the UK was 2 shillings and 6 pence which was shortened to 2 and 6.
  • Number 30 is called as Speed limit
  • Number 50 is called as Bulls Eye.
  • Number 57 is called as Heinz varieties.
  • Number 65 is called as old age pension

The calls help the bingo players to communicate. Some of these terms are also used in the online bingo.

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