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The versatility of the game of bingo is well known by its players. The game is capable to be modified to be suitable for almost all the themes and age groups. Theme bingo games make use of this very concept only. The bingo cards can be made in different styles that are in sync with the theme of the game. Given here are a few themes of the game of bingo that you can utilize to personalize the game according to your needs.

Birthday Bingo
You can take the traditional game of bingo to a next level by playing birthday bingo. This way, even the young children can fully enjoy the game. For small children, you can use different shapes and colors on the bingo cards instead of numbers as in the conventional form of bingo. To make the game more personal, you can include the things related to the birthday child.

Baby Shower Bingo
Theme bingo games can be best used at the occasion of a baby shower. The numbered bingo cards of the traditional form of the game can be replaced by the items related to a baby such as bottle, rattle, diapers and pacifiers. You can even add baby names or some things about the would-be parents.

Christmas Bingo
To bring out the effect of Christmas in the game of bingo, you can print the card in colors like green and red. The bingo cards should contain things that are related to Christmas and its celebrations such as religious beliefs, family traditions and other common items of the winter season.

Valentine Bingo
The best thing to bring out the theme of valentines in the game of bingo is to cover the numbers with hearts or using words like candy, heart, teddy or cupid. You can make a list of 50- 75 words that are related to the day of love or your personal valentine.

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