Tips and Strategies To Play Bingo

by Administrator 4. November 2014 19:29

Winning in Bingo needs presence of mind and a little luck but following some tips and strategies can help players increase their chances of winning. These tips can be useful for all players, novice or experienced. If you are a bingo player you should keep these tips in mind the next time you visit a bingo hall to increase your odds of winnings.

  • Arrive early: Experienced players often make it a point to arrive one or two hours prior to the beginning of the game. This provides them the privilege of choosing their preferred seat, preparing their cards, getting adapted to the ambience of the bingo hall and chit-chatting with co-players.
  • Be Prepared: All the cards that you are playing should be properly and neatly arranged on the table. This will help you in finding and marking the number easily and quickly. Having mixed-up cards can diminish your chances of completing the pattern in the first place.
  • Sit near the caller: By choosing a seat that is close to the position if the caller, you will be able to clearly listen to all the numbers. Thus, you can rule out the possibility of marking wrong numbers on the cards. Also, when you yell ‘bingo’, you will be audible to the caller.
  • Stay alert: While playing the game, you must always be on your toes. If you do not shout ‘bingo’ after completing the pattern, you will forfeit your chances of winning. Once the caller has announced the next number, you cannot call for the previous winning number. Thus, you should keep your mind completely in the game and be alert at all times.
  • Limit your number of cards: You should make sure that you play the number of cards that you are able to manage efficiently. This tip should be specifically followed by novice players as you can spoil your game by having more cards than you can handle.
  • Know the rules: It is advisable to have complete knowledge about bingo rules before going to a bingo hall. This will help you in playing the game properly and efficiently.

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