Why Bingo Played In Bingo Halls Is More Fun Than Online Bingo

by Administrator 18. January 2011 15:21

Bingo has been around for decades with everyone irrespective of age enjoying the fun and revelry that comes from a good playing session. In recent times, this game has become quite easily accessible in a new avatar with many new Bingo websites coming into existence. However, it must be noted that very few of them are genuine with the majority being mere money spinners. Even so, the number of people thronging Bingo Halls in various cities has not decreased even a bit. Some of the reasons why offline Bingo played in halls is preferable over online Bingo are:

  • Some critics believe that Online Bingo can be very addictive and cause unwanted behavior in those playing on a regular basis. This can be quite unhealthy and even lead to financial ruin. There can be a host of psychological disorders that an addicted player may get affected with thus harming the overall health of the individual. Playing over the internet provides a sense of anonymity which does nothing to keep impulse or whimsical playing in check.
  • Bingo Halls are not only a way to try your luck at Bingo but are also important meeting grounds for those who wish to catch up with their friends and neighbors. Bingo nights in most towns and cities are organized on fixed days and feature many regular players. This helps build a sense of camaraderie and also results in the development of new social connections and friendships that can be cherished forever.
  • Online Bingo is generally a lonely sport with no one around to provide company while Bingo halls can be visited with an unlimited number of friends and family. Playing with the support and encouragement of you loved ones can give you a high that online Bingo is not likely to provide.
  • Most Bingo websites that allow you to play for cash will require your credit card number so that you can buy tickets. This can put you at grave risk of losing the money in your bank account as you can never be sure if a website is fraudulent or not. Revealing your financial information online may result in the loss of your hard earned cash.

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